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Pursue Peace.

Words and thoughts don’t always align.
This may sound like a contradiction–
but many people only carry peace on the outside.
Peace is not transient. 406 more words


Action Words

Action Words

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:18

I am not good at hiding my thoughts, I’m sure that many people have been the known recipient of my glare when they use “unacceptable to a 65 year old women” words, push by another in line, or other rudities … very popular and sadly, more and more acceptable in today’s American societies. 360 more words


Faces Passing Through My Mind

I must warn you that if you go to this site and view this video you will never be the same – and now I learned that another 220 Christians have been captured in Syria! 717 more words


A Forever Kind of Love

“What if I told you I hated you?”

My grandmother looked back at me and caught my eye for the briefest of moments before she turned back around to face the road. 521 more words



I remember when I was in college that I always did better when I had a packed schedule. I knew that I had no time to get my work done, so when I had a moment, I did my work. 136 more words


Thankful in sorrow

It amazes and astounds me how good our God is! So February 24th, I posted this photo on instagram:

This talks about leaving room for God to do His work and make changes. 311 more words


Best Lent Ever from Matthew Kelly

Catholic best-selling author Matthew Kelly put out a Best Lent Ever video/email series and in today’s reflection, he asks “Who is Jesus?”

Watch the video below – And share with others who need to hear it! 33 more words