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Post 1797

“The rosary takes you out of time – like going out of the city into the country.”

-Charlie Rich, Jewish convert to the Catholic church and lay contemplative… 747 more words


Where Are You? #poetry

Yesterdays all dry

lifting my face to heaven

to God I cry

“Where are you?” I implore

my bones suffer 

I pour out my soul… 262 more words


With Everything - Giving Back What Isn't Ours

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind  and with all your strength – Mark 12:30… 962 more words


(05/24/2015) Knowing?

Today, points are shared on knowing, revelation and trust as operations completed by divinity among Christian believers.  The challenge to us in 2015 is not to discover or create a completely new system of sacred belief; it is that we affirm and embrace the things provided already as a gift from GOD.  While those born again learn to “know” by faith (not by sight), they also acquire divine consciousness by contemplation and reflection as well as through such experience as bereavement, giving, fellowship, obedience to law, parenting, service, study, and suffering.  A writer at “Yahoo! 737 more words


Remembering the The Good Fight on Memorial Day

As a veteran, I pause each Memorial Day to consider the many who have given their lives in service to their country. I have witnessed firsthand their dedication and commitment to, and their love for our country. 748 more words

Life Lessons

Let's Talk about LOVE

We have corrupted love.

Previously a weightless ray of sun,

we have tied it to an anchor

and drowned it in the sea.

We have taken a word as strong as iron, 416 more words