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My Reviews: Once Upon A Time Episode 412 "Darkness on the Edge of Town"

So, I didn’t watch the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time. I didn’t intend to not watch them. I just didn’t know they existed. 304 more words


There's no place like home

Walking through her quaint, little home town on market day, Grace smiled to herself. She may have spent the first 22 years of her life here but with her 30th birthday fast approaching, she’d found herself a new home. 1,758 more words


Fairy Tales Should Be Illegal

How outrageous! You gasp in horror, as you’ve just read the title of this post. I think not. And here’s why.

As a little girl, you long to hear the stories of the beautiful girl who is running down the marble staircase at midnight and loses her shoe. 1,002 more words

Not your grandmother's OZ: Dorothy Must Die Review

Let me start by saying that this book, as the title may imply, is not your grandma’s Wizard of Oz. It also, I must admit, isn’t so much a retelling as an envisioning of what Oz might be like after Baum’s original 14… 948 more words


Love and expectations

I don’t know if it’s you or if it’s that I’ve taught myself to question this.

Far too many times, I’ve let my hand slip into someone else’s and let my fingers interlock with theirs and convinced myself that it felt right. 250 more words


Confessions of a First World Woman Part II: Through the looking glass

What does it mean to really grow up? Having a car in your name? Having an energy bill or rent that you pay monthly? Do these things make you a grown up? 342 more words