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A Thankful Princess

No matter how bad I feel about my life on those “bad” days , I remember how lucky I am to be living in a pretty good fairy tale that I wouldn’t trade with anyone.

North Shore Princess

Perhaps the Best Love Stories...

Perhaps the best romances are the ones which are never lived. The tears shed are for the impossible, the never-to-be realisation of a fantasy. The unsung love story is like the bloom of an artificial flower, her petals rough to the touch but encased in crisp and immortal beauty. 376 more words

Happily Ever After

By Grace Thomason.

Girl meets boy. Boy and girl argue and claim to be complete opposites. Everyone thinks they’re just perfect for each other. They don’t see it at first, but just wait for it – they fall in love. 549 more words


Hey folks!

Sorry I’ve been missing in action for the past few weeks. Life got a bit rough here and unfortunately it brought me down. I haven’t really been able to write anything, but I wanted you all to know I haven’t abandoned you. 276 more words

For The Good Times

Little things are the best

it’s the simple times

we remember

better than the rest

lazy days when there’s no hurry

hazy skies with a bit of a mist… 143 more words


So here we are!

So here we are!

Over the last two years, my sister Susan and I, along with her husband Vitya have created a series of stories around a bunch of characters based in the lakes and mountains of the North West of Ireland. 187 more words


from victory

Just a few days after Calla walked out a person’s mouth, that same mouth wanted to know what’s your middle name. The lighthearted baggin began promptly after my answer: 636 more words