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Four Line Fairy Tales: 'Sorcerers'

Sorcerers stalk fairy tales, causing heaps of trouble
Stealing Aladdin’s lamp, turning palaces to rubble
Bad guys with pointed hats and piles of evil spells… 8 more words


Four Line Fairy Tales: 'Gorilla Judge'

The Gorilla Judge sat squarely, incredibly hairy
An ape with a sparing manner, he treated defendants fairly
He sent Pinocchio to prison, but only momentarily… 11 more words


Gaining Reading Skill from the Early Ages

The importance, given to reading, changes from culture to culture. If you are from the one of the cultures doesn’t give importance, and still you want to improve your children or young learners’ reading skill, then you can start with the stories in this website: … 6 more words


Love is Action

In storybooks I’ve heard
Since the time I can recall
Cinderella had her ball
And took a prince as her haul
Though it might seem absurd… 795 more words


It was too fairytale a night
for the archons of prose

the Moon and Venus casting
glances at each other
free in the absence of… 27 more words


Pinocchio: Puppet Pandemonium

Did you know Pinocchio was a jerk? Though I watched the Disney movie as a kid, I think I must have forgotten the overall plot, because I didn’t remember how terrible the puppet acted! 737 more words