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Fairy Tale Tuesday

A prince could not help but pass by the castle covered in poisonous vines and wonder. “Is Sleeping Beauty in there?”

Some were even bold enough to come look at the plaque that hung from a vine closest to the road. 431 more words


Beyond the Ever After

Once upon a time, I started talking about fairy tales and I have not stopped.

Today I posted up my hundred and twenty first Fairy Tale Tuesday, and my last, and I’m feeling a bit emotional about that. 657 more words

Fairy Tale Tuesday

Fairy Tale Tuesday No.121 - The Golden Valley

I have a theory. The fairy tale economy would at first glance appear to be in constant jeopardy, given the bottomless sacks of gold coins and whole meadows of jewels that people keep stumbling across, but my theory is that dragons are protecting everybody from wild inflation by hoarding as much magic gold as they can. 1,444 more words

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Tuesday No.120 - Five Gold Rings

Let’s be honest: I adore December and when I see an opportunity to create a Christmas special, nothing shall stand in my way. Thus this week I bring you what is probably the most enormous Fairy Tale Tuesday I have ever written, all wrapped up with a shiny bow. 4,922 more words

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Tuesday No.119 - Jack the Giant Killer

If you’re at all familiar with Western fairy tales, you’ve probably heard of the Jack who sold his cow for magic beans, climbed a gargantuan beanstalk and robbed a giant blind. 3,276 more words

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Tuesday No.118 - Catrinella, Come Up Higher!

This week’s fairy tale is a Russian story from Ruth Manning-Sanders’ collection A Book of Enchantments and Curses. The titular heroine is an orphan, beautiful but broke, earning a living as a household servant. 1,384 more words

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale Tuesday No.117 - The Two Brothers

This Grimm fairy tale begins with a pair of brothers – as you may have expected from the title – who are career-coded for ease of reference. 3,353 more words

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