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Absolutely no absolutes

A philosophy professor began each new term by asking his students, “Do you believe we can show that there are absolute values like justice?” The free-thinking students all said no. 106 more words

Moral Relativism

Video: Monkeys show how keeping up with your peers is a primal need

You’re reading the Sunday paper, with the sun shining and a cup of coffee to hand. Life is good. And then you see it: a familiar name in the paper, perhaps an old schoolmate, winning an accolade, money, praise. 426 more words

O for Objectification

How does it justify to have a woman in men’s shaving cream advertisement or in video games? How is it possible that if you use a certain deodorant, you smell so attractive that women get drawn to you? 446 more words

Events, Experiences & Reviews

On fairness, symmetry and beauty: a curation of beautiful thoughts on justice

When we speak of beauty, attention sometimes falls on the beautiful object, at others times on the perceiver’s cognitive act of beholding the beautiful thing, and at still other times on the creative act that is prompted by ones being in the presence of what is beautiful.

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Open letter to my teenage daughter

My dearest Cookie,

You entered your teenage just recently and you were so very excited about it. Looking at you, so happy and chirpy, swelled my heart. 681 more words


"Oh, Adam..."

We’ve started a new chapter in our lives around here.  We have moved Connor to the big bed – no backing out this time.  Today, I spent 3 1/2 hours trying to get him to stay in bed and take a nap.  2,196 more words


Circus Maximus MMXVI: If you complain once more

By the Fata Morgana, what is Peggy Noonan ingesting?

I don’t usually read Noonan—Charlie Pierce and Wonkette provide sufficient wrap-ups—but I caught an excerpt of her column in which… 637 more words