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Courageous Vulnerability

A while back I came across Brené Brown’s TED-talks on vulnerability and shame on YouTube. Within the course of the 40-or-so minutes it takes to watch those videos I realized that I was standing in front of a major paradigm shift in how I would perceive myself from that moment on. 737 more words


WP- What are the reasons I don’t go after my dreams?

  • What are the reasons I don’t go after my dreams? Explore within yourself why you haven’t pursued the life you want. Can you do something differently to help bring your dreams to life?
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A container for grace: reflections on white people, privilege, and pitchforks

These past couple of months, I have been dealing with the fallout from a mistake I made in trying to talk meaningfully about my own white privilege. 2,317 more words

Unitarian Universalism

Failure Part 8.

I’ve been getting fewer and fewer views, recently.

I can’t help but feel as though that’s due to the rise in my absences recently. It all started a few ‘failures’ ago after I was gone for a full two days. 217 more words


Stupid Kids

I am not a person without several very stupid decisions in my juicy unwritten autobiography and had I not been raised in a Christian home with parents who constantly prayed for me to use wisdom and for my protection, I honestly don’t really know if I would have been the woman I am today IF I were even here at all. 438 more words


Why I Always Fail at Everything

As I have mentioned before, I took a year off of teaching to move to California and be a stay-at-home dad. It has been great and now I am starting to apply for jobs for next school year. 863 more words

Radical Teaching