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Is failing too many times a bad thing?

A friend and I were discussing how a young person finds their passion in life. I believe passion for your work as with everything else is very important. 1,049 more words



I like being around my little cousin. I really haven’t had any cousins my age, let alone fifteen years younger. Considering the ages of my other cousins and my parents, I should’ve been born in the 80s. 1,861 more words

May 15th~24th, 2015

I got sick. And with sickness, comes laziness. The kind where you are content to lay in bed and sniffle and read comfort stories and watch things you’ve already seen twenty times before. 35 more words


Human kindness #fail

Why have angel wings, when you refuse to fly?

Your jurisdiction of this place, is nothing

Tonight you are alone, this and ever night we debate our lives. 74 more words


Seeds {to Bloom}: Missing freedom

He didn’t think he could do it. The fear was real and the possibility of pain and failure were realities. The risk felt overwhelming, but there was also the truth of missing an opportunity to join and experience. 289 more words

Seeds {to Bloom}

Back To Where He Leads Me

Hey there! How are you? Stress, I’m sure. Don’t worry; I totally understand what you feel. Now I’m not gonna tell you who I am – let’s keep that part confidential ;). 1,101 more words


How to Break a Church Plant

It’s been over nine months since we pulled the plug on Recom. Since then, everything has changed. If I was a woman, I could have had a baby in this time. 1,196 more words