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Minnesota, USA, on December 27, 2014, six year young Kendrea Johnson was found hanging from a jump rope tied to her bunk bed. 290 more words

Failure To Listen

Guilty Of Pigment

 Guilty Of Pigment

Most American armed forces personnel would readily die for the ideals of the USA. These patriots believe in America and its wholesome values. 259 more words

Failure To Listen

Pennsylvania Authorities Step Up Campaign to Silence Mumia Abu-Jamal in Truly Murderous Way

On the heels of the ongoing challenge to the state of Pennsylvania’s authoritarian new law meant to silence political prisoners, preventing their voices from ever reaching the ear of the public, authorities have been working extra hard to prevent the most famous political prisoner in their midst from receiving proper medical treatment after he reportedly fell into critical condition. 1,615 more words


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What happened to the constitution? What happened to our inalienable rights as human beings? US systems of oppression to maintain the world order through violence, secret laws and courts, censorship and shitty healthcare!

Unnecessary Stress By Spiteful People

Unnecessary Stress created by spiteful people!

This statement is the beginning of my case against Tufts Medical Center. However, for now, it is about my being on long-term disability benefit because of Chronic Insomnia, plus having the insurance company dictate my care. 105 more words

Failure To Listen


It’s flea’s that take away business. Ask any human. The demand for fleadom is great.


Failure To Listen

Recent News On Ferguson and St. Louis

Federal Probe Into St. Louis Police Department

St. Louis CBS Local News reports that as many as 25 St. Louis City police officers are under investigation for being hired to protect drug dealers. 462 more words

Trials & Cases

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In Ferguson, sounds like an investigation just got started and should spread to other cities and towns in the USA.

Leadership Frustrations

What frustrates you as a leader?

I’m not asking what challenges you face as a leader, perhaps even repeatedly – unexpected expenses, disappointing sales reports, or misplaced or ineffective personnel. 306 more words