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The Myth of Perfection

Throughout my day I’m constantly thinking about the things I’ve done and said, to evaluate what could have been done differently, better.  Sometimes this process works to my benefit, and other times not so much.   383 more words


Hi. My name is Elysha and I fail, a lot.

I feel the need to clear the air: I fail, all the time.  I don’t want to fail, it just inevitably happens.  I yell at my kids, brake something, say something I shouldn’t, act selfishly or just screw stuff up.   223 more words

Being A Wife


Let me begin this post with a clear message, failing does not make you a failure. There is a difference between failing and being a failure, and without exhausting resources to find the exact definition, in my eyes failing is being faced with a setback, failure is when you give up without giving it your all. 679 more words


Well Meaning Friends and Juicing Buds - Albertina

Quick post – went to friends this morning for a coffee. Thought I was being clever by timing it around 11.15am so that I could avoid morning tea and avoid lunch offers. 137 more words


Revising Challenge Two - Albertine C2 - D6

I may have to rethink this Challenge. While the first challenge went swimmingly well, challenge two seems to be the opposite. Last night I had ice cream and muesli bars. 261 more words


Chapter One

Let me not open this blog as I imagine so many others do: with much pomp and circumstance made about the beginnings of something smart, something interesting, something great. 471 more words


#Motivation from sinde2

It may take a few tears but you can only grow stronger from here. Stumbling, failing, & making mistakes is a part of growing. Take it as a lesson you were given to help you become the person you should be. 31 more words