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I often find myself wondering if I’m just whining over nothing, if I’m just exaggerating my illness. So many people have it so much worse then me. 142 more words


A little bit of time has passed already and you could tell I haven’t done anything yet… The truth is I’ve lost my regular job and I am really broke at the moment, which means the materials I wanted to buy have to wait.. 80 more words


CLARITY or how I'm no longer afraid of uncertainty, falling, failing or trying

I fall down a lot.

A lot, a lot. Frequently and enthusiastically. Privately and publicly, especially if you include most recently on Smith Rock.

And over the years, I have been completely embarrassed to fall. 574 more words


Now is the time to reinvent the way you think.

Reinvent yourself to be the person you want to be. The kind of person you believe will make you happy. 112 more words


Chances we didn't take

It can be really hard to take a step towards something you want. To take a chance and just pray it ends the way you would like it to. 248 more words


Getting Back on Track

It’s been a while! So, I’ve been eating normally, after a week of fasting until I got home, and then eating like, bucket fulls (exaggerating) of maple syrup. 283 more words


I wish I could just say ______ and you’d believe me

I talk a really good game sometimes.

I blog about writing, mothering, and trying, and sometimes trying means failing. Who wants to blog about failing? Or even read about failing? 351 more words

I Try