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One of "those" days

It’s been one of “those” days.

It started great, I had plans, I felt bad for seemingly “wasting” four days off from work and not getting anything “real” accomplished but today that was going to change. 1,188 more words

July 2015


So I know that at some point today/the rest of this week, I need to get back to my regularly scheduled blog programming, but I really need to address a word that has been swimming in and around my head lately. 778 more words


06/ July 2015

They say that for every cigarette you take, five minutes of your life is taken away. Is that a fair exchange? Well, it depends on what you would have done for those five minutes, I suppose. 1,188 more words

Thoughts And Thinkings


You have a choice to make today: You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off your face! The outcome of life is a choice. 34 more words

Photo Of The Day

Hanging in there, only just - Albertina

So I say again, hello I’m Albertina and a I’m a Binger. I know I only posted this a week or so ago. But I’ve kind of stumbled a little. 213 more words


Quitter hate.

I really don’t like quitters, like really don’t like them. As in, I found out one of my friends was a quitter the other day, and it really pi**ed me off. 247 more words



I recently failed my driving test and while looking for some encouragements to stop myself giving up on ever passing it at all I found these quotes which I thought were pretty great.