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New Beginnings

I know I said on my Facebook Page I would have this post up at 5pm Australian time, but I may or may not have gotten distracted by a trip to Spotlight. 305 more words

Road to Justice: US Inmates Wrongfully Convicted and Freed Decades Later

Published on Apr 21, 2015

Channel 4 News: Last year in the US a record number of prisoners were released after they were found to have been wrongfully convicted. 18 more words

Breath Of Fresh Air

The Start

I’ve had an earth shattering day. So naturally, here’s this. Cheers to new beginnings. Because you can’t truly appreciate an A with getting an F at least once. 117 more words



I am an Armenian. I live in a country where the blood of my ancestors is left unrecognized. I live in a country where our votes were significant but not the denial of our tragic history. 207 more words

Los Angeles

My Experience With (Failed) Risk

Risks. The word alone makes the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand erect. The very thought of stepping outside of my well furnished bubble has… 443 more words


If You're Not Crazy About It, Fuck It

I’m not sure about everyone else, but when I go shopping I honestly only buy clothes that I am absolutely convinced I must have. This could possibly be because I am a broke college student but I have friends who feel the same way.. 371 more words