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Another Update from Wheatley Travelers in Peru

Although our Wheatley travelers are approaching the end of their stay in Peru, they are still providing updates. This most recent update was provided by Morgan, Ari and Sabrina. 220 more words


“Flick” Manipulation to The Subtalar Joint

Often after a sprain to the talocrural joint, the subtalar joint can lose the last few degrees of either inversion or eversion. A simple but effective “flick” manipulation can quickly restore motion and reduce painful walking, cutting and turning. 50 more words

Clinical Skills

Another Update from Wheatley's Adventures in Peru!

Although there have been some challenges in securing a solid wifi signal, our intrepid Wheatley travelers were able to send the following update — this one written by Ari Jain and Andrew Zuckerman! 294 more words


On Black People and Education

The American education system is extremely broken, and the issues are only compounded when you are Black. Contrary to popular belief, education is not going to magically save Black people from racism, especially when every level of the academic system is designed to uphold and continue the cycle of white supremacy. 834 more words

Current Events

Sometimes It Takes the Persistence of Sisyphus to Get Collective Bargaining Rights

In June 2004, the full-time faculty at Point Park University voted overwhelmingly to join the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh, or CWA Local 38061, making it the first Guild local to represent faculty at a major university. 1,007 more words


Excellent Universities Begin with Excellent Faculty

The following article was published originally on the website of the AAUP chapter at the University of Akron, though it appears that the university will soon have a new name—and the article concerns that “rebranding.” The article is reprinted here with the permission of the chapter leadership. 901 more words


Politics and Profanity

Each year, there is a “roast” of the governor of New Jersey attending by politicians, journalists, and lobbyists. This year’s roast was held at the Hamilton banquet hall and was attended by about 350 people. 1,018 more words