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I Admit....

This is a blog ‘exercise’ I came up with at about 4 AM, thank you sleep issues….. What I will be doing is admitting things… some personal, some goofy, some sad…. 1,415 more words


Circle of life

My beautiful Nan.

She has Alzheimer’s.

We knew that she was getting forgetful about 10 years ago.

But I thought that it was just old age. 644 more words

Humours Mummy Blog

This Poor Porcupine Got Eaten By A Snake But Got Its Revenge Postmortem

If you’ve ever wanted to see the evolution arms race up front, look no further. A greedy python wanted to eat a whole porcupine, only to realize that the defense mechanism porcupines developed turned out to be very unpleasant for it.  16 more words


Fact of the Day

You are more likely to trust someone if they have brown eyes.




Salt, like illegal substances, is easily addicted to.

Before I came to Poland, I’d rarely used any oils or salt when I cooked, and, I found it hard to believe, how the British wouldn’t taste their foods, and just, started splashing salt all over.   640 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Beauty Blogger Awards

Hey there readers!  Hope everyone’s having a great Tuesday wherever you are!  I was nominated by the gorgeous Katie from Plus+Beauty for the Beauty Blogger Award!   1,085 more words



Today I thought I’d answer 25 random questions, this shall be fun!

  1.  Zodiac sign – Libra
  2. Three fears – Snakes, Speaking in public & Losing someone close to me…
  3. 186 more words