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Cockatiel Facts

Origins: Australia

Original Species Name: Nymphicus Hollandicus

Average Size: 12 to 14 inches long

Average Weight: From about 88 to 178 grams.

Life Span: A cockatiel can live up to 30 years but the average life span is 16 to 25 years old.


Its a good job the bus is a comedy hub.

I’ve wrote about the bus before, but its inevitable.

I was finding my own business on a certain bus yesterday, I say minding my own business, I was sat in silence whilst secretively judging every inch on everyones body, not to mention looking for the bus tramp to give me a boost in self-esteem. 370 more words


The “truth” may be falsehood

Do you know the meaning of “truth”?
It is a concept. Something for the “I” to feel good about. A word that implies “righteousness.”
“ I am telling you the truth.” Rather than, “I am telling you what I perceive to be factual.”
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drugged to be succesful

sometimes, you just feel like blowing out the content which are hidden inside of your heart
but the environment will try to tie your hands down… 98 more words


About Owls: #FunFactFriday No. 8

No. 8

Owls have special flight feathers to minimize noise when flapping.


100 Years

A century after an estimated 1.5 million Armenians were systematically slaughtered by the Ottoman government, members of the nation’s global diaspora are using social media to keep the victims’ stories alive. 95 more words

10 Fakta Mengejutkan Mengenai Adolf Hitler

Dunia sedia maklum mengenai manusia berbangsa Jerman bernama Adolf Hitler ini. Ada yang menganggap dirinya sebagai diktator dan ada yang juga sebaliknya. Rupa-rupanya, masih banyak fakta mengejutkan mengenai si misai kontot ini, yang belum diketahui oleh ramai orang. 18 more words