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Salary vs Satisfaction part-2

Hello once again, So, have you answered the questions we have asked earlier?

Well, before coming to yes or no, let’s understand one thing first, you are just a mediator between the fact and the question. 529 more words

Abhishek Chandel


I do not believe in endings.

Endings, and beginnings, are man-made concepts used as reference points in time because of our inability to grasp large timescales. 55 more words

Most people aren’t actually anti-social. They choose to be alone because they hate spending time with stupid people.


Why Do We Say Bless You?

Here’s another strange post for you wonderful people.

Something I have been thinking about today, is why do we say bless you when someone sneezes? 176 more words

Know to Feel and Feel to Know

Why do I love biology? Oh boy, what a fine question! The reasons are infinite but I will give you a general idea of my feeling. 446 more words

#fact, 5 things women NEVER tell their men

Okay, we know the most common one: most women lie
about the “O” word. But there are other things besides that
the modern woman lies about. 699 more words


Scientists are wrong...

And as author Marcus Woo posits,  that’s  often more  enlightening than when they are right.   But faux science can be extremely damaging.   Consider the  “science”  of global warming,  which has repeatedly been proven wrong,  rigged,  and corrupt.   55 more words