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Life is Hard. Thats a fact.

Life is hard,
Thats a fact you don’t need to reference
Every living soul in this world wants acceptance
Wanting their voice to be heard… 345 more words


Yes, I Shopped #LillyForTarget

Long before the day came, I had my strategy ready. I wouldn’t go to a Target store near the center of Cincinnati, I wouldn’t get any preconceived notions about what I might find, and I wouldn’t go crazy if the demand for the items exceeded the probability of me buying something. 996 more words


LIES.....About Capricorns

I  am  a  snow  baby.  I  was  born  in  the  dead  of  winter.  I  LOVE  the  snow  and  can’t  wait  for  next  snow  season. Here  are  some  very  disagreeable  things  said  about  my  kind: 635 more words


So I came across this word and checked it up on internet and hey, here’s what I found:

Anatidaephobia is the irrational fear that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, somewhere in the world there’s a duck watching you. 42 more words


Brigard Fact #84

Although the Clocksmiths are very protective of their craft’s secrets, there is nothing formally prohibiting others from learning to read clocks. Given the well-known enmity between Clocksmiths and engineers, it is somewhat ironic that the only other groups to have bothered to make extensive use of clocks are train conductors and engineers. 37 more words