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How to get ahead by giving head

Works like a charm. More like fireworks but you get it.

Most ponies just want a ride.
Most bananas just want a peel.
If a nice diploma you wanna get, then make that teacher the student’s pet. 131 more words

FACT and Spt6 play important role in location of H2A.Z histone

Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal says that a critical role for two proteins in chromatin structure has been uncovered by researchers. Their breakthrough helps explain how DNA is organized in our cells. 192 more words


The Power of Listening

By Tuesday afternoon, I was ready to go home, but we still had a few more hours of outreach at The University of Kansas (KU). I wasn’t motivated to seek out a conversation, so God met me in my weakness and sent me Daniel…

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Please respond.
Have you ever used a SOS sign.
Do you know in earlier times what people do before SOS.

Initially CQD was used as distress call it means “Come Quick Danger” . 125 more words


Nineteen years and counting

Year One- I don’t remember much of this, I believe from what I have been told there were times of struggle and times of happiness however i only feel i remember things from the photos that i’ve been shown hundreds of times that attempt to paint a picture of who i was at that time. 1,391 more words



Dear Awesome Reader,

Have you ever had one of those days where you really want to post on your blog but you either don’t know what to write or you have too much to say and so you don’t bother writing it? 169 more words