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Feeling Afraid of the Changes

I need to remind myself that the best things happen on the other side of fear.

Fueling my fears and overthinking about them will not improve the quality of my life.   37 more words

Refined to Reflect the Master

Whether it involves petroleum, precious metals, or people, refining is a process. At times, we may feel the heat and pressure will break us. But God knows just how much heat is required and how much we can bear. 999 more words

Depending On God

Fundraising 101

I’m collecting my change for Team in Training Every little bit helps…who needs caffeine anyway? Any guesses on how much change (in a dollar amount) it will take to fill my tea pot? 155 more words

Leukemia And Lymphoma Society

A Fear Of Flying

I’ve always wanted to go to Miami, but the catch is that I’ve always wanted to go on an all guy’s trip for my first time, and not with a significant other. 288 more words

I Write

The Fine Line Between Crazy and Awesome

This summer I will be pretty busy but I plan to get out and adventure as much as I can. This early spring I was elated when my boyfriend sent me a text with a link to a 150 cc scooter on Craigslist. 539 more words


Going into the Basement: Confronting Fear and Writing, by Lori Ann Palma

Picture a scene from a horror movie—it usually goes something like this: The heroine sits on the couch to watch television after putting the kids to bed. 690 more words


I asked for it.

Last night I did something I now regret.

I wasn’t really thinking… or, well, I WAS, but, well, I don’t know… things just got away from me. 404 more words