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No, You're Not Imagining It: 3 Ways Racial Microaggressions Sneak into Our Lives — Everyday Feminism

I posted this piece on my Facebook page as well. The truth and civility with which it was written are stunning.  I encourage you to read every word, even when it feels a little uncomfortable, even when you recognize that there might be things that need to change in your paradigm, the worldview you were raised to find acceptable, and/or your own behavior. 77 more words


A Journey of Faith, is turning into a Christian suspense novel

Is my inspiration running dry? Not so much, especially last night and this morning. Let’s just say the incident that Becca Martin witnessed was an accident, but someone may have caused the accident to play a dirty trick on the patrons who love to visit Sweet Water Park to go climbing and biking. 90 more words

Back To Basics ......

Today I have gone back to basics. What I mean is that I have started using affirmations again. 

I have all these ‘tools’ that I know work and can change how life is on a daily basis but I just  273 more words

Affect (psychology)

Facing Fears

I faced a fear this past weekend.  When I am uncomfortable or really feel like I am unable to do something I jokingly yet honestly say “this is not my spiritual gift!” What happened last saturday is sincerely a spiritual gift that I know I don’t have but it is a command to all believers. 588 more words


The Other Side of Change

So often bloggers portray their lives as one exciting high, riding the sea of change. It can make you wonder if they are just extraordinary individuals who are immune to poor outcomes or if they hide the worries, doubts, and sadness. 435 more words

Here's To Showing Up

This week I was talking to a couple of my faves, and one mentioned that this is the first season where we have stopped running away from our pain. 471 more words


Self confidence

Battling with a chronic skin condition that covers your whole body can cause a tad of insecurities. With me, it’s like being a dog. But a human, shedding. 329 more words