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March 1, 2015

March 1, 2015

Like a Red Diamond,
She has so many facets,
Each slightly different,
But life, that grand artisan,
Had crafted Her expertly.

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True Maturity

Whittled Word for February 4, 2015

One indicator of spiritual/emotional maturity is that more satisfaction results from understanding than in being understood. It is telling that admiration of features, gifts, talents or performance merely indicates acknowledgement of them and not necessarily love for the person.

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Before Christmas a suggestion was made to make sculptural seasonal decorations with families at Great Western Park. This workshop didn’t materialise due to delays with the completion of the community centre, but I hope to take some of the ideas into other workshops in the future. 36 more words

Open Refine

OpenRefine is a sophisticated, neat bit of software. On the webiste, the generic description offered is “OpenRefine can help you explore large data sets with ease”, which is a gross understatement. 927 more words

Digital Ideas

i don't have internet but this was last night

After being surprised by, and then watching, slightly strained in the opposite direction, the cockroach crawl into that hole that I don’t but you might know what is for in the back of your sink, I realized that is one of my things. 675 more words

Where do I begin and where do I end .. I am still seeking..

Every time I meet people, I try my best (after all we all are just learning every moment of our life) to meet them with no previous insights of our common experiences (either good or bad). 383 more words