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So Many Faces

So many faces

pass us every day

with beady eyes and marble expressions

we look at one another

but our eyes graze past

we draw the blinds, can’t see… 104 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

After a long day,
he felt wasted.

Energy depleted,
how could it not be?

Wearing different faces for different stages.

That beard just a cover up for whats beneath. 71 more words



Just some cute simple baby pigs today! The last time I did pig nails was September of 2014 (woah), and these a pretty different!

My old lightest pink polish dried up (it was 70% empty anyway) so I went to get another…and they seem to have changed the formula! 167 more words

Nail Art

Invisible Eve 20


hands together:  that
is my wish forever as
we spend long hours alone

my love can’t erase
the choices that are contained
in the word “goodbye” 277 more words



The 27th of April is the day of the Virgin of Montserrat. To celebrate these days, honoring the saints, it is often common in Europe to congratulate the people you know that are named after the saints. 59 more words


There is no change...

” He broke my heart Cuz he have changed”. A common statement made by people across the globe but is it really true? Do people really change? 156 more words

Plain Thought

Heart Eyes - Part One

There is a woman who lives next door to my parents back at home.

When I was younger she used to sit outside and draw or read on the patio that her husband built for her. 292 more words