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#ThrowbackThursday -- "On Family (A Confession)"

Can hardly believe it’s been almost a year since I wrote this.

Originally posted as a Facebook note on April 23rd, 2014.

On Family (A Confession) 2,320 more words

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#ThrowbackThursday -- "Thoughts on Passover, About Passover"

I’ve been neglecting these Throwback Thursday posts, because I’ve been super busy since returning from Israel — I’ve been babysitting a lot, raking in the cash; I took a trip last week to tag along at Harvard Law School with a friend, which served only to reaffirm my career choices because ick, law school; and of course, Passover is coming. 2,890 more words

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Old-school Facebook notes.

If you were like me back in the day when Facebook was still “new” and you were jumping off the Myspace bandwagon, you did those stupid “about me” notes where you had to answer all 13,397 questions (ok not really but they seemed to go on forever…) and then tag all your friends so the vicious cycle could go on and on and on… Well, I had forgotten about it until recently when I remembered it in the shower (yes shower… I swear that’s where I have all my aha moments). 396 more words


On Vacation, Restlessness, and Self

I never used to get restless. I could just sit and zone out for hours or do absolutely nothing with a week or more of vacation and see everyone growing restless around me and freaking out over not being productive, and I would feel like telling them all, “Hey! 1,017 more words

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Nga: Driton Gani Nimani,Fushë Kosovë

Për:  Arif Muqolli- Profi
Nuredin Ibishi- Leka
Rrustem Mustafa-Remi

Date: 13 shkurt 2015

Vendi: Fushe Kosove

Pyetja: Qfarë u bë me aplikacionin tim nr:32101 të datës 21.12.2012 dorëzuar në Shoqatën e veteranëve të UCKsë në Fushë Kosovë ? 1,167 more words

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