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Shapes Of Your Face

Do you know your face shape? Is it heart, oval, square, and so on? Or is it a combination like round and heart? Don’t know? Well continue reading and you will soon get an idea of what it is. 583 more words


Shadows and Light

 To learn the perfect way to contour and highlight I studied the way shadows and light hit the face at the Glam Academy. Not everyone has the same face shape, which means everyone’s contour and highlight is different. 104 more words


Should I Wear Bangs?

So, its been true for several seasons now that bangs are hot and soooooooooo “in”. Tons of celebs are rockin’ the adorable fringe! But the question goes…. 737 more words


Sunglasses for Spring/Summer

The best eye-wear trends for spring / summer 2015.

Bright Sunglasses and Frames

Check these out!

34 more words


Shopping for Glasses

Time for the responsible adult thing. I put off getting new glasses as long as possible, because damn those prescription glasses are expensive. It occurred to me that I’ve been using the same lenses for about 9 years now. 556 more words


Choosing pieces of cheap fashion jewelry that enhance your looks and beauty

Pieces of jewelry are basically exist to enhance appearance and to identify person’s status. It has always been a good partner to complement individual’s looks for many years, whether it’s a… 501 more words


Sunnies’. Shades. Specs. Hater Blockers. Hahaha did I just put that? Specks. Sunglasses.

I have been asked to do a post on which frames are best for which face shapes! 431 more words