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Time to Write

Isn’t it a fine morning?

I just love  to write on Monday mornings.

The weekend’s over  and with a coffee cup in hand,

I’m ready for some writing and blogging! 149 more words

Fabric Scraps

The Home Maker

I saw this design in a magazine long ago and I fell in love with it!

I still love this picture. I love all the women who are taking care of their homes and families and are very sincere with their religions.

Cross stitching for my son

These pictures I cross stitched for my son when he was in school. He liked them very much. Now he is working in a bank as an officer. 8 more words

Simply Monday

It’s Monday!

And here is a haiku that I wrote:

A Monday morning
Laundry awaits as I smile
What a cheerful day!

A cheerful day with: 66 more words

Fabric Scraps

Cross Stitched bunnies

I cross stitched these bunnies for my children’s room in our new home in 1995.my children were so happy to have them in their room. Now they are grownup  but  I still have these frames.I have save these frames for my grand children. <3

Cross stitched roses

long ago I cross stitched these roses. I made these in 1993 -1994 for my new home. I love them  <3

With Prose and Plaid

I just had to.

I just had to create a Spring mini series.

And I wrote this haiku:

With prose and plaid a
New series to begin on… 66 more words

Fabric Scraps