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Vent away, darling!

While trends will forever continue, we’ve reached a time where anything goes in the fashion world. There are still bits and pieces of the recent 90’s trend floating around…which I found quite hilarious….it made me feel old….I saw girls a few years younger than me wearing stretch pants with rose prints….peplums (gag!)….neon colors….all items I wore from Kindergarten to 3rd grade. 267 more words

gen con stands up for gay rights

In one the proudest moments in the history of nerdery, GenCon’s ownership has come out against Indiana’s SB 101 bill, which encourages private businesses to discriminate against gay customers: 237 more words


Soccer's rich list: Jose Mourinho best paid coach, here's the top 20

We have been focusing on the glitz of soccer’s rich list as Lionel Messi made around $1.4 million per week in 2014, and we also listed the top 20 revenue earners in world soccer. 195 more words

Barclays Premier League

Night Sun Tarot and Paulina Tarot Deck Reviews

I recently picked up two new Tarot decks, Night Sun Tarot and Paulina Tarot, available at Amazon for a little less that $20 each. I’ll be reviewing them together because I bought them for similar reasons. 582 more words


orgtheory puzzle: why does sears still exist?

Puzzle for you all your org behavior/theory of the firm types: Why does Sears still exist? Normally, when we think about why successful firms exist, we think that they have a unique product, fill a niche, or have some sort of incumbent advantage. 173 more words


b-school profs read their worst evaluations

Brayden, willing to contribute?

50+ chapters of grad skool advice goodness: Grad Skool Rulz ($2!!!!)/From Black Power/Party in the Street!!