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Sea Gulls Soaring On A Saturday Afternoon

Laughing Gulls

I really like Sea Gulls;  They are raucous, clever, beautiful and so varied.  I used to think the only kind of Sea Gull was the one that looked like Jonathan Livingston Sea Gull.  371 more words

Fab Fotos

Magical Mystery Tour - The Lakata Wolf Preserve - Who Knew?

Every now and then I like to organize a MMT – A Magical Mystery Tour with my husband and sometimes with friends too.  Last week I surprised Peter and our two friends, Rosemarie and Murray with an early morning adventure outside of the City.  723 more words

Fab Fotos

AIWYFI - Art Is Where You Find It

Of course it helps if you have a good eye for art or an artist’s eye that captures the art of everyday things.  My friend, Murray is an artist; He uses his eyes and the camera lens to capture the pure simplicity of the ordinary, the commonplace and when he takes the shot, it becomes art.  78 more words

Fab Fotos

Feline Friday - It's The Nick & Nora Show

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Murray spent some time with us and he took a lot of photos of our cats, Nick and Nora.  They are brother and sister but don’t look at all alike.  256 more words

Fab Fotos

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Did You Watch It?

Well, did you?  I’ll bet you did IF you weren’t the one making Thanksgiving dinner.  And if you have kids…parking everyone in front of the TV for a couple of hours, gives you the time you need to prep and set the table and catch a few floats.   231 more words

New York City

Halloween Manhattan Style - OH YEAH We Do It Up Right!

My friend, Murray, was wandering around the Upper East Side the other day and happened to walk by a couple of Brownstones that were decked out for Halloween.  44 more words

New York Speaks

Meet Silent Film Star Belle De l'ombre - Fabulous Feline Friday

It’s not every day that you get to meet a mysterious silent film star!  I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful and mysterious Belle De l’ombre.   128 more words

New York City