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Faith and Reason

Sometimes I think things to death.  I analyze every thought regarding a situation, turning it over and over in my brain in an attempt to make it all fit.  547 more words

The Next Afternoon ~ @EzraAFinnigan

Slowing opening my eyes, I tried to remember where I was. The house. Our new place near the lake. As I looked around, I realized I was wrapped in my favorite quilt once more…and nothing else. 608 more words


Almost There ~ @EzraAFinnigan

I must have dozed off while he was driving. I slowly sat up and stretched, rubbing my eyes and looking around. “Hey, Sleepin’ Beauty,” he chuckled as he rolled his shoulder which must have fallen asleep while acting as my pillow all this time. 1,157 more words


Like a snake...

This little scene was inspired by a phrase prompt from the WriYe DreamWidth (Like a disappearing snake)…


When they reached the original crime scene, Lachlan kept well back from what the two wizards were doing.  818 more words


Implications of Guilt

Here is the latest part of my continuing story featuring Lachlan McClelland and Ezra Metternich.  Ezra’s now a suspect in the murders, because his magical signature was found at the crime scenes (it’s a set up – he’s being framed).   1,897 more words


Praying at Ahava – Ezra 8:21-31

You have to admire the faith of Ezra (down by the riverside). And, you have to admire how God answered prayer and honored His name among praying people. 28 more words


More Insights from Seige of Lothal

We need to talk more about the SW Rebels Season 2 Premier: The Siege of Lothal. 804 more words

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