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"Aunt Micki what if this was proof there are aliens?"

Aunt Micki what if this was evidence there are aliens?
Ezra spent most of the day talking about aliens I love this about him he’s such a little dreamer and tells stories and I love them. 25 more words

My Thoughts

Big Sleep of Ezra

“After the Storm” by Mance | License: CC BY NC-SA 2.0

“What is with this place?!” Ezra said. He was responding to the girl in scrubs who had just thrown her purse in his face and ran off. 2,829 more words

Science Fiction

Release (my book #1)

There is only one release

you can experience in life,

and that is death.

You can vacation and travel,

but you’ll have to go back… 83 more words


The Secrets of Ezra Siegel - Chapter Two


Chapter Two

Hour of the Reaper

The thing that staggered through the door was an odious-looking creature. A vile stench went before it, dark and persistent. 469 more words



Everyone is guilty,

people only care for themselves,

except for children.

They’re the only ones,

that will be charitable,

for the sake of charity.

Adults cheat and lie, 31 more words


The Whisper

“Walt, stop here!” John cried out, the last syllable slightly rising in pitch. John hated it when he did that. He understood that puberty was natural and everything, but every single time he tried to yell, the last word would come out sounding like a mouse squeak. 1,482 more words

Short Stories