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Gruntsplaining the Voxsplanation of the WHCD

Ezra Klein is many things besides being a shameless leftist ideologue whore. But, a humor expert? Not in a million years on one of Jupiter’s moons. 692 more words

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Baby steps! Vox gets an economics lesson after epiphany about 'free' contraceptives

Anybody with a rudimentary understanding of economics knows that there’s no such thing as “free,” but Vox and its leader Ezra Klein are just starting to figure that out, and explain why it’s happening of course: 198 more words


Vox's Ezra Klein last person on Twitter to catch 'tostada' auto-correct in Rubio tweet

Can't make my iPhone do that? RT @ezraklein: Sigh. Previous tweet should have read "stands," not, as autocorrect decided, "tostada.

— EducatĂ©dHillbilly (@RobProvince) April 14, 2015…

482 more words

My Personal News Feed

My primary source of news these days is my Twitter feed. I joined the site later than most, and avoided the temptation to follow my friends and family so I could keep track of what they are having for dinner. 506 more words


Ezra Klein: How Barack Obama made the old Daily Show obsolete

VOX: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report were both responses to the Bush years. They were about the alienation liberals felt from their country at a moment when Fox News seemed the authentic expression of the American psyche and George W. 145 more words


Ezra Klein Wants Al Gore in 2016 Run for President Because Progress, Right?


For all the left’s talk of progress! and forward! it’s funny to watch them rallying around Hillary Clinton, a figure who saw her heyday in the 1990’s. 121 more words


Al Gore for president?

Ezra Klein is a bright young man. He’s a frequent TV news talk show guest and once contributed essays to the Washington Post.

He now writes for Vox — and he’s put forward a patently absurd, but still interesting idea: Al Gore should run for president of the United States. 264 more words

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