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Ezra Klein Wants Al Gore in 2016 Run for President Because Progress, Right?


For all the left’s talk of progress! and forward! it’s funny to watch them rallying around Hillary Clinton, a figure who saw her heyday in the 1990’s. 121 more words


Al Gore for president?

Ezra Klein is a bright young man. He’s a frequent TV news talk show guest and once contributed essays to the Washington Post.

He now writes for Vox — and he’s put forward a patently absurd, but still interesting idea: Al Gore should run for president of the United States. 264 more words

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Ezra Klein has a new idea about the direction of the Democratic party

The 2016 presidential election is looming and the Republican candidate remains up in the air. The Democratic fight for the nomination seems more certain, with a Hillary Clinton vs. 584 more words


EZRA KLEIN: Al Gore Should Run For President

Vox: Democrats need a debate about where their party goes next. Obamacare’s passage marked the rough completion of the social safety net that liberals began constructing during Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s presidency. 132 more words


'Worried about Hillary?' Vox warms to the idea of a Clinton alternative

@voxdotcom With gas prices what they've been for most of Obama's presidency, your idea to put an oil man in the White House has merit.

345 more words
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Mockery of Ezra Klein's 'sucking up' to Hillary is 'just brutal'

Obsequious Ezra Klein fellĀ into formation with the rest of Hillary Clinton’s flying monkeys faster than you could say “vast right wing conspiracy.” Private email server? 374 more words


One brutal photo shows why Vox is wrong on the GOP letter to Iran

Chief Voxer Ezra Klein linked to a piece by Max Fisher earlier this morning on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit and the GOP letter to Iran, saying the GOP has crossed “a dangerous new line” with these two actions: 475 more words

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