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Seeing with Easter Eyes

26 April 2015

how often do we judge others or just right them off because a single event or occurrence?

The cross and the rising of Jesus give us an imperative that we look with Easter eyes at people and places. 30 more words

Thought For The Day

A most educational quiz.

Damian never missed the quiz just after midnight every week night on the public radio station.  He enjoyed the challenge of quick recall of facts and details, and it was fun learning new things along the way. 863 more words



His smile.

Gosh his smile.

It has burned sunshine into my mind.

His eyes.

Gosh his eyes.

They’re like golden orbs in the sun.

His hands. 50 more words


A. Person.

Your eyes
……….take in my room
……….each painting,
……….the maps on the wall,
……….the books lined up
……….so tight against each other.

As if later… 147 more words

Life Thoughts

Can you read this?

by: Jasmine Lois V. Concha

Our eyes are one of the most important part of our body. It should be healthy and properly working. If you see a blur or something unusual, consult an ophthalmologist now before it’s too late!

Rash Love...

eyes flash
teeth gnash
words crash
thoughts smash
feelings mash
love’s rash
hearts beat

eyes lilt
blood spilt
words titl
thoughts built
feelings guilt
love’s wilt… 30 more words