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I see says the "blind" woman!

I have been a busy lady for the past few weeks.  I am just now getting time to sit down and update.  Let’s see if I can fill in all the blanks…. 868 more words


Strange Frog Eyes

First of all, frog eyes can be creepy in themselves.  They are big, and they look at you like they know who you are.

But there is something even more creepy than that!  35 more words


Pale legs

WARNING: There’s a gross eyeball thing in the following comic. If you’re like me and you hate things to do with eyeballs, (poking, stabbing, eyeballs being removed, glass eyes popping out, etc,) then maybe skip this one. 46 more words

Eye Love It!!!

The “eyes are the window to the soul”….there is some debate about who actually said it first, but this line has been tossed around for centuries. 260 more words

Shiny Stuff

June 8, 1988: The Eyes of Japan Are Upon You

Japanese carrier All-Nippon Airways announced in 1988 that painting eyeballs on its jets cut bird collisions by 20 percent. The menacing-looking eyes painted on the engine intakes of its jet aircraft frightened away the birds, preventing them from throwing themselves at the plane during takeoff. 320 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac


I sculpted these for use in my short werewolf film from Das clay and painted them using acrylics and some gold glitter paint. “Eye-catching” aren’t they? 8 more words