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Balls to the eye

Bored with your eye balls? I know I am. If I had a penny for every time someone came up to me and said, “I wish I could switch my eyeballs for something else”, well, let’s just say there’d be one less solid gold… 202 more words


EE Is Nine: Your Guide To The Celebratory Pageant

Evil Editor’s Bloggiversary has come round again with the inevitability of a concussed  megalomaniac triumphing over the fog of brain haemmorage to shriek and gambol narcissistically. 1,481 more words

Announcy McPouncy

I Can See

I CAN SEE! Yes, that’s right folks…. I got new glasses. You know what? The world seems to be in High-Def and it is FANTASTIC! So, the exam, frames and lenses were over $600 but it’s so worth it. 35 more words


Second Light

There’s a great scene in Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 classic, The Robert Creeley Story, where Creeley (played by Sean Pertwee) is on the run from hoodlums in Mallorca after the manuscript for his latest poetry collection is eaten by (and then chokes to death) some local gang leader’s favourite poodle. 784 more words

Announcy McPouncy

Good Morning from Italy!

JK! I wish. I’m crying.

Pretending to be in Italy with my Bialetti Moka and my cute new tray from Italian brand Seletti (from the Seletti x Toiletpaper collaboration). 54 more words


Dear Sam's Club:

Okay, first of all, if people are buying your mass produced mediocre quality “rum,” they probably aren’t concerned with the flavor.

Therefore, and secondly, since there’s a “100% money-back guarantee” does this mean I can drink half, bring it back (w/ receipt it course lol) and say, “ya know what?  51 more words