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Eye Contact

Are you aware when you make eye contact with someone? Do you really see that person? If it is a stranger, perhaps the cashier at a grocery store or restaurant, do you notice the color of their eyes? 459 more words

Divine Love

#Guys Only: How You Can Get Every Woman To Want You With Little Or No Talk

How To Make Women Swoon With Little Or No Talk

Getting a woman to like you takes more than every one thinks as it is a culmination of several factors ranging from your appearance, the things you say and an innate attraction to you. 840 more words



I’m at a loss.  What I’ve experienced was so harrowing, so stressful and painful and seemingly impossible.  And now it’s quiet, I’m passing.  I’m this tense, awkward, doofy-looking woman whose clothing is ill-fitting and spectacularly out of season…  but I’m not perceived as transgender.  123 more words

General Stuff

Eye contact

“What colour are my eyes?”

I’ve known Cat for nearly three years now.  I’ve got pictures of her up on my wall (along with pictures of my dogs and all the dogs I’ve worked with! 564 more words


New posts. You decide!

I have finally finished 5 posts. You decide which to post first

My Cruise

Bullying and suicide(candid)

Autism on the job.

Photophobia and other eye stuff

Why I love myself.

A Glance

Somewhere I saw you I don’t recall
A bus stop,the library, or in a waiting room
all I know is that you weren’t that far… 354 more words