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"A Homeless Heart"

When they look at me, what do they see?

a lifetime lived
a career fallen behind?

When they look at me, what do they see? 64 more words

Change The World

Eye Contact

Eye contact is something that is frequently enquired about.

Why is there no eye contact?

Well, Eye is the more stronger in conveying emotions than your speech. 160 more words

Eye Contact


“You must maintain eye to eye contact at all times.”

With that being said where do I stand?

Life is a trivial game that we emotionally fucked up animals are supposedly thrown into. 94 more words


The sixth sense of being able to tell if someone’s looking at you, was in very good use today.

Simple, but Effective, Communication Strategy

This simple strategy is easy to implement at home. At snack time, get down on your child’s level and offer two choices. Hold them about shoulder-width apart and far enough away so that your child cannot grab. 429 more words


The Truth Lies Behind...

I’m not sure what it was. You probably used that line on everyone. But something about the way you said it to me, the way you stared at them when you said it; it became a part of me. 185 more words