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4 Ways to Help People with Autism Improve Eye Contact

Though it is unnatural for some people with autism, we should encourage and expect eye contact from them.  Eye contact is crucial as all other social interactions stem from it.  551 more words


5 ways to instantly make someone feel more important.

Since I was very, very young I have been quite obsessed and have always taken an interest in just How people are. {Their body language, facial expressions, their tone of voice, their mannerisms… You can tell a lot about someone when you are aware of these things.} 635 more words

Off (With) The Top Of My Head: autism and eye gaze

I’m not much of a photographer. I remember a friend’s response to a picture I’d taken in Zacatecas in the 80s: he’d never seen such a badly composed shot, he said. 1,615 more words

Dylan's World

It Is About the Eyes, Silly....

When I am at a loss for words, I sometimes just watch people.  As I watch them, I look at their facial features; I pay attention to what they are doing; and their surroundings.   345 more words


All the things that are ok

Ask questions: No matter how dumb someone else thinks your question is, ask anyway. In fact they are probably the dumb ones who don’t know what effective communication is. 356 more words


Eye contact: eyes really are the windows of the soul.

Just recently we were sent a short video on Facebook, nothing unusual you might say, but this video was quite profound inasmuch as it commented on the very media it was posted on, social media. 426 more words

It's What You're NOT Saying...

We put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right words when we talk to others – whether it’s one-on-one or in front of a large public audience. 23 more words