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DNR Supreme Court Nixed 40 Groups as Extremist Including OUN, UPA, and ISIL

KICK OUT the Banderist scum!


Today, the media contact at the DNR Supreme Court told us, “On 29 June 2015, the DNR Supreme Court considered the application of the DNR Genprokuratura to ban a number of extremist organizations.  151 more words


Free Journalist Sergei Ilchenko!

Sergei Ilchenko is a professional journalist who has reported for a number of Moldovan, Ukrainian and Russian media. He is currently being persecuted for his professional work by the secret services of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR), commonly known as Transdniester or… 502 more words


Wahhabism: Religious deviance and fountainhead of radicalism & extremism

As hatred and fear are fast replacing reason and logic, it is time we all learn of the roots and driving forces behind this monstrosity – Wahhabism.

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The International Reporter

Government and Politics Should Be Like a Bird . . . You Need BOTH Wings to Fly

The national bird of the United States is the bald eagle. Like all birds, it has two wings, both of which are needed to fly. If one wing is hurt in some way, the bird cannot fly. 364 more words

Despoilers of an Uncivil War

There is an old Song sung by Johnny Horton:

Johnny Reb

You fought all the way Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way Johnny Reb… 975 more words

Opinion On Politics

The ISIS Dilemma: How Republican and Democratic Elitism Are Responsible for Its Rise

In what has devolved into Vietnam Part Two for the United States, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–better known as ISIS–is now the largest threat to the world today, larger than al-Qaeda had once been post-9/11. 364 more words

Cherries In The Snow

As I looked down at the photo of the two extremely beautiful Indian girls I wanted to both laugh and cry. Laugh because their handsome, wealthy father standing before me must have been joking and cry because I knew that he wasn’t. 2,282 more words