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Attune: (v) to bring into accord, harmony, or sympathetic relationship

Caught between the onslaught of profane extremism and the threat of eternal damnation, the human race is squeezed by greedy zealots out for the common dollar instead of the common good. 284 more words

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ISIS burned woman alive for refusing to take part in "extreme sex act"

Zainab Bangura, the United Nations’ special representative on sexual violence in war, recently returned from a tour through refugee camps in in Syria and Iraq where she spoke with women who had survived brutal encounters with ISIS. 154 more words

Why Ashraf Ghani needs Islamic State's presence in Afghanistan 

Most terrorism and counter-terrorism experts describe limited possibilities for establishment of a full-fledged Islamic State franchise in Afghanistan. Yet, the president of the country seems to disagree. 568 more words


Religion - Opiate of the masses ?

We live in the twenty first century, yet I still see people herded about by those bearing the marks of religious officialdom. Whilst so much scientific knowledge abounds, and cognitive processes forged in years of education should give us the ability to think rationally, still we allow ourselves to be led like so many sheep. 570 more words


Fighting Against Evil Supermarket Bread

I love bread! I love making it, baking it, the smell of it, eating it and spreading it with jam! It is the most wondrous stuff and the staple of European food. 907 more words


The senseless rise of religious fundamentalism

In recent past, more people have been killed in the name of religion than for any other thing in the world. Religion has become a symbol of death, terror and agony. 1,146 more words

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