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63 - In the Evening... (Thoughts On Colour, Moderacy, And Edges )

I like blue and silver.

In the evening – about halfway between the golden horizon and the black zenith – there’s a kind of blue that’s just about deep enough to fall into, like sleep: that’s my favourite. 258 more words


It is not just Islamists who play the victim card

Originally published in The Sunday Times (£) on March 1

When Abubaker Deghayes heard that his son Abdullah had been killed while fighting alongside his brothers for the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria last April, he described the 18-year-old as a “martyr”. 525 more words



Lately, I’ve been seeing that my extremist tendencies take the best of me. I have no midpoint and my emotions are all over the place, but nobody sees them because I camouflage the tsunami as mild winter rain. 270 more words


SERMON: Barack Obama, Brian Williams ... and Me

It was in the summer of 1968. The Vietnam War was raging and I had just received my rabbinic ordination … which I thought meant that I would be deferred from the draft. 86 more words


Hungry For Blood, Waiting For War.

They searched and searched and searched,

For red smeared on the ground.

For the smell of blood they loved,

Fed on it like bloodhounds.

They looked and looked and looked, 177 more words


Adherence to the Sunnah

On the authority of Abu Najih Al-Írbad ibn Sariyah (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ gave us a sermon by which our hearts were filled with fear and tears came to our eyes. 1,660 more words

Forty Hadith