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     Orientalism is an idea that has lead to mass controversy in recent years . The subject is interesting because it originated from the interest of what the “other” was and how east culture is different from our own. 500 more words


just do it!

I have had a busy busy week. It’s a good thing actually. I am a singer, but sometimes I work as an extra in Tv commercials and movies, and after a slow winter, jobs just started to come like crazy, which of course is great, because I really want to work as much as I can in this period. 613 more words

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weekend reads

This weekend, I’m headed home (again!! I know, I know. go to college stu. different story for a different day) and I can’t wait to kick off my converses and have a quiet few moments before the next week of craziness starts. 103 more words


Forty Eight: March 5, 2015

Guys, seriously what is with this snow again? This has been the longest, most miserable winter of my life. I have been on “spring break”  so I haven’t had much to post but I wanted to do a post on how to be confident and happy. 686 more words


Breaking Sky Character Spotlight with Teaser & Giveaway!


Meet the Elite Teen Fighter Pilots of the United Star Academy



Call Sign: ROMEO

Position: RIO (radar intercept officer)

Height: 6’2” 480 more words

Young Adult

Die Hard - Review (Classic)

“Now I have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho.”

Die Hard is regarded as one of the best, if not the best action movies of all time. 274 more words


Bucket List Trip

Tomorrow is the day I tick a big box on my bucket list and finally fly out for a trip to Iceland. The landscape, the nature, the culture; it’s a place I’ve long wanted to see for myself and I’m very excited to make it a reality at last. 66 more words