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Devouring his presence to her fill,she couldn’t stomach the thought of getting that raw madness for someone else apart from him who just  striked her senses like that bolt of lightening causing ripples in her heart of thunder.That fierceness merged her as a soul totally bewitched in the shadows of his gait held captive by his demons.

SNEAK PEEK! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School


The first hilarious SNEAK PEEK into Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School is here, and it’s not to be missed.

Thirsty for more Old School?  135 more words


We Love White Sage


We love to grow it and use it just as our ancestors.

Uses: White Sage is a wonderfully versatile medicinal herb that has been used by Ancient people, Native Americans, and even in modern medicine to boost immunities, 251 more words

Home Grown Herbs

Banana Bread

Third recipe in two days. Hopefully I can keep this up for a while and continue fleshing out the recipe section. I should probably start posting something other than sweets as well. 176 more words


Strength to Let Go

Title: Strength to Let Go

Series: Tales of the Werewolf Tribes, Book One

Author: Alina Popescu

Genre: gay romance, paranormal, werewolves, paranormal romance, supernatural

Publisher: 1,127 more words


I like making my edibles with extracts. Generally I use QWISO. I’ll make a post on how I make my QWISO at some point in the future, though there is plenty of information out there easily found with a quick google. 108 more words



Here’s an extract from Jerry Kaczmarowski’s new book Sapient:

Jerry Kaczmarowski released his latest thriller Sapient in April 2015. It is available for sale on Amazon in… 1,673 more words