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The magic formula to reduce conflicts with your partner

Have you ever been in a long heated discussion with your spouse?

Sometimes this can last for a full day or more, and none of the two can get out of their fighting positions? 562 more words


I Cater To Message Not To Grammar

Blogs are a form of artistic expression and my art will not be hindered by the demon of grammar.

Let that simmer for a bit.


24/05/2015 it will be different this time

Over the years I have tried to write a blog so many times, and every time I failed miserably at being consistent. As with any other trial I doubt to believe that this time it is going to be different. 177 more words


Stone Hill goes wild

“And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations…”
Matthew 24:14

Stone Hill goes wild… 776 more words


#16 - Lies & Truth

People always find it
Hard to believe
The truth.
People easily
Fall for lies.


Essentials Part1

Quick post

Thought of letting you know guys the essentials for someone who loves art, writing, music and life overall. As we go along, I may post these kinds of images from time to time to have a break from the regular travel and expression posts.

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I've Come To A Conclusion

People waste far too much of their life doing nothing.

Like, have you ever noticed how much of the day you spend sitting around? Or waiting? 426 more words