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Fading away

Fading to grey

He said she said

Heard this that and the other

Do this and that

Don’t be one of them

Bring in honor… 33 more words


"Tuesday Philosophy"

“Uncertainty somehow focuses me.
For one to understand,
We must embrace the unknown.”¬©



Are There Benefits to Withholding Ejaculation During Orgasm?

A man recently wrote in and asked this question: what are your thoughts on male orgasm and Eastern/tantric practices which advise against physical orgasm (butmight be favorable towards energetic orgasm)? 1,036 more words


Be careful, every moment counts.

When you’re getting a test done, you’re checking for all the guys you’ve ever had sex with.
A million thoughts run through your head and you imaging how one moment can be so powerful to turn your world around. 356 more words


Fashion is art, We are fashion, We are art

Fashion is an idea of great wonder. It’s the moulding of art and imagination to create something incredible.

Throughout the years fashion has adapted to form the modern image we see today, from 70’s hippie to 90’s minimalist, the modern ideas we see today have moved fashion to a new perspective. 305 more words


Oh! Sweet Sunshine...

Oh! sweet sunshine

don’t squeeze yourself
into that zero sized dress

like the other girls
in the party last night did

or don’t change yourself… 206 more words