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Tradition Evolved

Following up with the Sprinkled Donut Crunch cereal, this evolution of the Chips Ahoy cookie is another potential question to my childhood in a hilarious way. 88 more words


I'd rather be

Some things aren’t easy. Some days are tough.. but I’d rather be a person with integrity, strong and steady. Than hidden in the rough. Unaware of whats to come. 166 more words


Roses Are Blue

Roses are blue.

And not yellow or red or lilac.

Roses are blue in my imagination.

Because blue is the colour of fantasy,

Of dreaming and of infinity. 47 more words


Goes by the name of 'Daughter'

I’ve recently discovered (and pardon me if I’m late) Daughter.

Do it, do it, do it now. Say it, say it, say it now..

I’ve been ordered so I must speak. 26 more words


It's Been Seven Months

MARCH 3, 2015


I thought of her again last night.

It is not that difficult considering that every night I come home to the same room that she used to. 411 more words


Five Photos – Five Stories Day 3

Assalamu’alaikum !

This is only a story! It’s totally my expression, just for FUN! :)

I’m a girl, 15 years old from Indonesia. I live in technological era. 616 more words