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9 to 5 slaves

Every morning on my way to work in the smelly tube, I look at peoples faces and their expressions make me question. “If this is what they really want… When they were in school, when they were kids was this their dream?   39 more words


Mayfair idiots

Possessions don’t make you rich, possessions come and go like the wind… I wish some of these empty minded materialistic rich people realised that. But they live to show off their possessions.  12 more words


Express Yourself

I was back at the sling library today and there was a mum there who had chosen to express for her little girl. The baby had been tounge tied and had rejected the breast, this mum was expressing 7 times a day to keep up her milk supply… And all that with a 5 year old to look after as well. 341 more words

Breast Milk

Guys are Tools

He’s fooling around with my best friend. Him. Like I can’t tell…

When I walk in the room and you’re laying on top of him I’m supposed to just think you guys are “hanging out?” I hate to get completely white girl here but…I CAN’T EVEN. 38 more words



So, woah.
A hundred likes! Trust me, when I started blogging on WordPress first, my only motive was to express myself, to vent and to let all I have in me, out. 104 more words

Obscuring the Dark

Smart and bright,
Bright as light
Always first
Nothing to curse.

Lunch break starts
Boys breaking hearts
She’s there alone
Hard as stone.

Prim and proper… 77 more words

When He Asked Me

When he asked me
That he wanted his freedom
Though,it broke my being
I still gave it to him
When he was indeed free,
He suddenly asked me… 79 more words