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Tit for Tat

Walking casually into a Starbucks with my ten week old son I skim the room looking for somewhere to sit while my husband joins the back of a lengthy queue viewing the list of coffees as if it were an information wall at the Natural History Museum. 1,010 more words


Sometimes, Thinking can Save our Dignity.

The concept of thinking? Hmm, I see it as a reflection of everything. I’m the type to always think about everything. Maybe that’s the advantage of an introvert who prefers to observe everyone and everything around her, rather than keep saying things unnecessary. 396 more words


Breast is Hard

As a neonatal nurse working in a proudly breastfeeding friendly trust for several years I have always been taught that ‘breast is best.’

I’ve attended several courses designed to provide me with the knowledge to be able to support women to establish and maintain breastfeeding, I have an update every year to make sure my practice is up to standard and I liaise with the units breastfeeding specialist nurses on a daily basis. 1,816 more words


Worship: It's All About READing

What is worship? I have two definitions that I like to use – one long one, and one short one. The long definition is one that I have developed over years of worship leadership.  842 more words

Beyond The Words

Beyond the words

We love

Not confounding ourselves with

the laws of attraction

Or distracting ourselves with the theory

that opposites attract

Love is its own entity… 54 more words

Forever Descending 

Deep in the murky ravine

full of the unwanted, descending deeper and deeper; no control.

Landing into the acidic water, corroding away.

Is it over? … 38 more words

And pump it!

I hadn’t really thought about what being a working Mum meant. I had an image of getting myself ready like normal and popping a onesie on my child, and waltzing calmly out the door. 405 more words