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Depth Charge: An eXposition

Language is kind of a funny thing. If you stop and think about it for a moment, you start to see that language is entirely made up. 1,215 more words

Age Of Wonders 3

Conspiracy Theories Exposition 1

I like to think in a big gaping way; I am a finite, minuscule being compared to the vastness of the universe. I like to think about conspiracy theories because it makes me think reality isn’t as it seems. 173 more words


Alès : des bons plans pour combler votre long week-end

Du 1er au 3 mai 2015, la ville d’Alès propose de bons plans à ces habitants, en partenariat avec le site objectifgard.com. Par exemple, jusqu’au 21 juin, vous aurez l’occasion de vous rendre à des… 41 more words

Les Bons Plans Du Moment

Arqueologias de destrucción: An exhibit at Haverford College

What is art? What is not art? What exactly is destructive art? Why did you make this? Did you make this or did you destroy this? 721 more words

Visual Art

Why I Play Video Games

Why does anyone play video games? That’s a great question. Why do I? Why do you?

Other than the developers and professional players, we gamers don’t earn any tangible rewards for playing them. 1,853 more words


The School of Hope

While we can exult in the hope of the glory of God, a hope of one day being in the glorious presence of God, sharing in His glory, we can also exult in present tribulations because they help produce hope. 178 more words


Fracisco Tropa Livret

Sim Não – Oui Non ◊ 4 avril – 7 juin 2015     <<    english/français     >>

Tout objet, ainsi que toutes les réflexions et gestes liés à sa création, a une antithèse.  2,358 more words