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A Retrospective of Piero Fornasetti

The Parisian Museum of Decorative Arts presents a retrospective work of Piero Fornasetti, an Italian painter, sculptor and interior decorator. More than 1000 of his works are displayed in this showcase which sketches Fornasetti as jack of all decorators. 182 more words


Rational Functions, Part 3

Notes on finding the intercepts of rational functions.

In previous posts we have discussed how to find both the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of a rational function. 326 more words


Tip of the Week: Plot Anatomy

You may have noticed that there was no tip last week. Fear not, for I am back this week with another tip for you.

If you recall my tip from a few weeks ago, I outlined all the elements of a story. 891 more words


I'm sure there is a word for it in German

Making things more difficult or overbearing as an excuse to escape from it all.

Kid Gothic

Rational Functions, Part 2

Notes on finding horizontal asymptotes for rational functions.

In a previous post we discussed how to find the domain of functions of the form where and are polynomials. 448 more words


APPEL: parisartistes#

date limite: 20 avril 2015

Après le succès de l’édition 2014, la 2e édition de PARISARTISTES# se déroulera du 9 au 11 octobre 2015 dans tous les ateliers d’artistes ainsi que les lieux partenaires de Paris. 29 more words


Quoi de neuf à Paris prochainement ? #2

J’ai adoré rédiger le premier article “agenda” il y a un peu plus d’un mois de ça, alors c’est parti pour une seconde édition ! Comme pour le premier post, je vous présente les… 438 more words