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Adsense Secrets & More Exposed!

Adsense Keys & More Disclosed!

Professionals have their own adsense keys to success. Some of them have the same while others have special approaches.

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Tripping over myself

Hate my sin,
But I keep remaking it.
The bed I lay,
Where the grave was tracing it.
The mistakes I made,
But before I face it… 201 more words


Standing My Ground

The weeks are getting longer or so it seems but this week I faced something I knew would eventually happen. Caring for property is not just physical. 493 more words



I see you in the black shadows

hiding behind the wall

You know you can’t lie anymore

And the truth is there for everyone to see.


Hail Mary

What but a thought

Can consume

Without exhaustion?

And though the medium

Grow weary,

Media is never

In short supply.

I venture to hold my tongue… 148 more words


Muslim 'No-Go Zones' in US Cities, Says NRA Speaker

TheLipTV, Apr 2015

Islamic extremists are invading US cities, according to Author Steve Tarani who said that he had witnessed Muslim “no-go zones” while shadowing a Detroit Metro SWAT team in Dearborn, Michigan….

Time: 04:49

Propaganda, Fraud, And Outright Lies