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As some of you have probably already noticed, I love making up new types of sandwich’s, experimenting, and adding ingredients together that shouldn’t go together. But if done right it will taste amazing, for example the fish finger and bacon sandwich I made; 349 more words


Fresh start..

I think its hard when finishing university to balance making, earning money and still having a social life. Patients is something that I need to have within this period of my life. 229 more words


Playing with Polenta...

On my 30th birthday, we went to La Polentaria restaurant in London. We love trying new things and this has a 100% gluten free menu, specialising in polenta based dishes. 419 more words



Having just created my Week 4 post for the February One Four Challenge, and being challenged by trŷing to create my own layer in Photoshop, I remembered someone talking about an iPad app called Stackable…. 47 more words


Convert Able

Do you ever get tired of thinking about things?

“What should I eat, where can I get it, what would go good with it. Napkin, plate, sink, or bowl?” 346 more words


Fantasy and Imagination

Acrylic, Oils, Varnish on canvas.

This design was done completely from imagination. I experimented with the scale and density of the marks I used – sometimes watering down acrylic to form translucent glazes, or blocking out thick shapes with oil paint. 20 more words