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Spiced Chicken Kebabs with Mango Salsa

We awoke early this morning to a stunningly beautiful, hot, sunny day – a rare enough occasion in these parts to instantly elevate the day’s status to ‘awesome’. 595 more words


adding thumbnails

Image is a screenshot taken by the author.  Click to enlarge.

There is HTML code to make images clickable with a hyperlink to the source.  WordPress spoils its users so they don’t have to know how to write HTML to link thumbnails to websites. 97 more words


Thai Style Meatballs

The first focus for the Cupboard Challenge was to use up six Italian herb flavoured meatballs that were in the freezer. We’d eaten their compatriots with tomato sauce and spaghetti, but had not been wildly impressed – that’s why the last six were still in the freezer waiting to be cooked. 278 more words


Introducing the Cupboard Challenge

I collect ingredients with the compulsive fervour of a school boy collecting football cards.

Our ‘big shop’ is done (online) with some consideration and a degree of meal planning.   430 more words


Fusing Plastic Onto Fabric

Sometimes all it takes to be inspired is a great idea. And sometimes that idea doesn’t even have to be your own. I arrived at my studiospace at school this morning and found one of my friends jumping around in excitement. 384 more words



It’s excruciating. It really is. Every second that passes leaves me trapped in a flying cage. I crave to go back but that’s all I can I do. 232 more words


Playing catch-up

I just wanted to point out that most of what I’m writing about has already happened. My posts are a few weeks behind because when I started this blog, it took me a few edits before I was happy with my first post. 41 more words