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Coming in May ... my long-awaited book, The Courtiers' Anatomists!

To appear from the University of Chicago Press on May 20.  See the Chicago website or Amazon.  Book launch party at OSU on May 21.   8 more words


My sun experiment

some time ago i installed an Python module that could get the time when the sun rised and fell (not sure if that is correctly written), if you told it where you where.   175 more words


Writing what is inside me, instead of out

There isn’t a day that goes by now, where I don’t know I am meant to write. I know from the depth of me there is a voice inside me wanting to spring forth like a geyser, but for now it is only trickling. 138 more words


coding in WordPress

I will have to purchase another upgrade in order to code in CSS.  HTML is limited.  Also readers may be interested to know that the minimum upgrade does not eliminate ads but I did get an invitation to AdWords, a Google product.


Culinary Discrimination: An Utter Folly

*This was a piece written for the Charlotte, North Carolina area back in 2013 when I was doing some freelance work. Some of the concepts are relevant beyond Charlotte. 1,113 more words


sampling sampling sampling

combining techniques, translating drawing into stitch, playing with mixing materials, and using different threads with the same process to achieve varied and exciting outcomes.



We all have some darkness and some light inside us. The two, fight every day and night in a chaotic battle for a place in our soul. 121 more words