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Perhaps Children Need Religious Initiation, Not Religious Education (3/28/15)

Most religious education programs for children, both in churches and in religious schools, follow an academic model. This makes Faith seem like just another academic subject. 172 more words

The Limits of "Experiential" Wisdom

  • Experiential — that is, I experienced it, so it exists as fact — builds appeal
  • Everyone, anyone, can claim to have discovered experiential truth
  • But does it have value beyond the self?
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Fry Hard - Photography With A Vengeance

I really miss blogging (I gave up my blog when I hit my target of 4,500,000 views) so I thought I would share all the amazing images… 216 more words

Miss Cakehead

Top 5 Experiential Tech Innovations To Watch

Event technology is constantly evolving and new innovations are arriving on the scene almost daily.  What experiential technologies should you expect to see more often in the coming year? 493 more words

Event Marketing

How art is transforming Margate for families

My position on amusement parks has changed very little in 30 years. When I was growing up, i was always excited about the spectacle of the funfair, the heady collection of sounds and smells that made up the ultimate family day out, far more so than the nervous energy and anticipation that resulted from ‘rolling-up’ to test your wits against the Whip, or hold your nerve on the Ghost Train. 779 more words


Further Reflection on...Reflection

Florida State University’s Center for Leadership and Civic Education has created a great “Reflection Handbook” which contains a number of reflection activities.    No reason for having to use the same old tired activities over and over! 14 more words