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Prawn ramen

I never ever ate any real ramen but I always wanted to have some. So I did a few experiment to get something nice. I tried some pork based broth, some chicken one, but never managed to make something that make me say “Waow!”. 289 more words


Failed: Donut holes

It is actually a fail-success case.

I was trying to do some donut balls by following the recipe of SORTED Food but I was doing it all by hand. 136 more words


Am I the Wrong One?

I am having this thought since last night. My department is organising a seminar and I have been intentionally kept away from it. When I say intentionally, I know you will ask me to give evidence. 512 more words


Shit Happens

We are studying the gastrointestinal system now and let me tell you I’ve already learned more than I’ve ever wanted to know about the rectum/anus. This time of year is really exciting around the school. 415 more words


Idea: "Fish & Fresh" Burger

To inaugurate this section of this blog, I will present an idea of recipe. Since it is an “idea” I did not try it yet, so it will need improvements before I publish it as a real recipe. 230 more words



“Dili na ko”

Mo amin man tag sa dili, mao ni pinaka sakit iyang naingon nimo. On that coffee table,¬†gahilak ka, because you don’t want to give up the fight.

300 more words

After what seems like "forever"....

It does seem like forever since I posted something in my blog. But let me assure you that I have not been sitting idle. I have been wanting to take up Baking classes for a while now – and guess what! 465 more words