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Video Game Challenge For March: Game Number Eight Revealed

Every once in a while you’ll find one game that is so epic it’s almost impossible to find a new game that’ll top the experience you’ve just had. 795 more words

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Highlights of New Zealand

Before heading to New Zealand, I spent a few sunny days in Sydney! After about 10 minutes of wandering around, I realised why so many people stay and choose to call it home. 996 more words


The birds and the bees

The first time I remember learning anything about sex was in the canteen at primary school, when I was five or six years old. While the teachers were out of earshot, an obnoxious little girl called Annabel leaned over the long table and whispered conspiratorially to the rest of the group: “I know what SEX is”. 474 more words


First Issue of the Magazine is Out: Reflections

After much delays and hard work, first issue of the wall magazine was out amidst a lot of confusion. We are yet to decide the price of the magazine. 429 more words


Consciousness is the bottom line

To understand (non intellectual) the depth of that “I” in our everyday Life is to regain awareness and to experience a different consciousness.

The classical example is about the individual who “renounces” the worldly power, wealth, name and fame to embrace the “divine” Heaven, God and Angel mind set. 675 more words


The Price

You think you own me?
Stop trying to control me
Sir let me give you a tip
Stop being a d-ck
It’s because of things like this… 61 more words


Is Our Compassion Drying Up?

By Edward Carrillo

With Obama’s new immigration reform being struck down by U.S. Federal District Judge Andrew S. Hannen, it has many of us wondering what is to happen next in this controversial topic of immigration here in the United States. 560 more words

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