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Video Game Challenge For May: Game Number Ten Revealed

As the temperature outside starts warming up and some of your favorite TV  shows start finishing up for the season, it can either be extremely easy or difficult to focus on other leisure pursuits, like video games. 431 more words

Video Games

I LOVE My Readers!

I hate using the word “followers” because it is too reminiscent of CULTS – which I have a personal beef with.  So you peeps are my readers.  173 more words


You're from Jakarta!?

When you’re obviously a tourist, all locals want to know where you come from. I get asked where I’m from at least 10 times a day. 317 more words


Wait, Whaaaaat? For REALS?

I have always been quite confident in my psychosis.  I mean, I legit used to go by the online name of ….”something or another”… psychotic (edited because my husband pointed out that unwanted people could track me down with that online username posted here…. 222 more words


Entrevista Alumni: Antonia Crespí

Lugar y año de nacimiento:  Soller, Mallorca 1982
Lugar de residencia:  Cambridge, Reino Unido
Ocupación: Arquitecta 1,439 more words


April Video Game Challenge Progress Report: Sunset Overdrive

Every game has its place and serves its purpose. Sometimes, you want a game with a really great story, an experience to not only play through but to step into their shoes and live through everything from their vantage point. 1,180 more words

Video Games

Race Car Day

I had the opportunity to do something pretty special on Sunday morning using the Christmas present my wife got me this last year. I got to spend some time at Texas Motor Speedway that culminated with an 8 minute drive in an “Indy style” open wheel race car with the Mario Andretti Racing Experience. 1,060 more words