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An evening in Starbucks

The vent air felt cold.

It was a round table on which my laptop resided, me right straight looking at the wall, seated on one of the three chairs. 210 more words



Somebody said love never happens like that but for me it happens. That magical moment when she first comes in front of you and something strikes in your minds ‘unbelievably beautiful’, your heart pleasantly skips a beat and you say ‘she’s the one’. 537 more words


We talk shit by the way _ New Zealand

….MF, Akaroa, indeed trained me so hard. Nothing is more tiring than Akaroa. The job in Mt. Cook is easy….

….Getting paid much less though, mentally more relaxed. 246 more words


Those who can't do... teach.

We have all heard those famous words.  They are often used simply to disparage teachers.  Teachers do not deserve this or need it.

Tell me and I forget.  

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Service design and scriptwriting

I’m constantly thinking about the creative brief and how to get it righterer.

I’ve written about my approach here on the notion of collaboration and the blank page… 565 more words


Appreciation - FAMILY

Today I am feeling a lot of appreciation and gratitude towards family. My boyfriend has been going through some difficulties during the past few days and recently his family has really been rallying up around him to give their support and advice and reassuring words. 154 more words


Hanya Dua Minggu Saja Ku di Didik dan di Tempa ...

Dari segala penjuru

Kami datang tuk bersatu

Siang malam tak terasa

Suka duka siswa prajab


“Woy masih pagi, jangan berisik!!”

Mungkin itulah kalimat yang ada di pikiran mbak-mbak asal Purworejo, pemilik kantin di sebuah sekolah luar biasa tingkat nasional, di jalan Pertanian Raya, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta Selatan.Mungkin tiap pagi mbak-mbak beserta beberapa pemuda dan bapak-bapak yang kebeneran tinggal di sana merasa kebisingan dengan suara segerombolan pasukan botak (yang aku ngeliatnya kayak manggis, ukuran jumbo, menggelinding rame-rame :I) berkaos hijau atau merah, lengkap dengan para srikandinya.

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