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The start of something old

I have just started this project that I have been thinking of for a long time. Unique, no. But I will do it my way as usual. 115 more words


Strangely Familiar

Time check: 3:45 am.

I think that this day will be long for me for I woke up very early, again — a disturbed body clock.   751 more words


MELISSA JOY - Reality and Experience - Morphic Fields - The Power Of Choice ⋆ SHIFT - 5-21-15

Reality is virtually a symbolic representation of patterns of information. Notice the patterns and come explore the connections with the interlocking grids of consciousness that permeate the all that is. 2,720 more words


Positive Thinking 101

If you tell me to stop being a pessimist, it’s like telling grass to stop being green. I don’t know why I’m always thinking negatively, though I prefer to call it worst-case scenario thinking – ready for all disasters. 231 more words


Travel Time: Vietnam - A Travel Diary

Let’s now check out a country bounded by China to its north, Laos and Cambodia to its west, and where only the South China sea separates it with the Philippines to its east.. 131 more words


Nobody goes to live auctions anymore ...?

I happen to arrive to our auction a bit late from teaching at Hondros College of Business (real estate law class.)

I’m blessed to have… 367 more words


Student and Manager Snobbery in University and the Workplace

As an addition to the last blog, I would just like to add that as well as seeing bullying and grooming in university and the workplace, I have also seen different kinds of snobbery… which is a part of the bullying and grooming in the workplace as well. 360 more words

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