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Borough Market

A fantastic place filled with lots of food, drinks from Britain and all around the world. Here you can enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and have make some great memories with your friend and family.

Introduction To Video

Actively Seeking My Future

The hospitality industry is one based primarily on experience.

As my professor likes to point out; an employer presented with a 4.0 student and no experience, or a 2.7 student with extensive experience, will always go with the experienced student. 251 more words



Quiet forces curve my spine 
as fake flesh presses pelvis, 
Inside vessel of mucous and bone 
a withered trachea smolders, 
burns, delivering milky air 
to famished lungs. 54 more words

An experience: Encountering a mild Hailstorm in the city...

Dashing ourselves into the auto and clutching the wet umbrellas beside carefully, while seating ourselves, as though we could get anymore drenched than we already were, we were all headed to the nearby mall. 346 more words



It’s interesting because people say that things seem worse than they really are.
In my experience, things seem not as bad as they really are. 35 more words

"So, are you scared about your condition?"

This is another question that often arises: “Are you scared?” I normally get asked this when I explain the disease to someone, and that it can flare up with absolutely no warning, and that the potential results of it flaring up can be quite significant. 447 more words

Crohn's Disease

All in one

This was in December last year, during vacations and amidst lot of free time. It was Christmas day and I have no idea why, but I wandered off to the busy streets of old Delhi (also known as Delhi – 6) because that is one place which has the potential to surprise you each time you visit there. 485 more words