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Blessings & a negative to a positive

Today I’m thinking about what it means to be blessed. I would assume that if you asked someone what they thought, they would come up with an answer similar to “I have great family and great friends. 441 more words

Everyone is different. The way we’re brought up affects our personalities in various unknown ways. Even when we are a part of a bigger picture there’s always something cooking in our minds. 93 more words

Helping Not As We Know: Part 2

One of the initial struggles I experienced when staying at the orphanage was not the extreme heat, the dripping cold showers, the bugs or even the smell. 271 more words



February, 26th 2015 | 6.30 pm WITA | Jerman Beach, Bali.


The Faces Behind the Screen - Getting to Know AtNetPlus

Do you ever wonder who are the faces behind the work at AtNetPlus? With “Getting to Know AtNetPlus”, you will get to know AtNetPlus and who are the people behind the computer screens. 748 more words



Some mornings I wake up and I feel overwhelming emotions. 403 more words


Cambodia – A Tattered Nation

I have returned from quite the journey. This is in part why my posts have been lacking. And, having returned, I have a number of stories to tell from my travels. 2,188 more words