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The salt of existence

In forty-eight hours I’ll be descending into Doha, well on my way to Dar es Salaam, for what will most definitely be the most exciting trip of my life to date. 483 more words


Peaceful landscapes

Open roads, clear skies, silence and that wind running through your head. It feels no less than a sweet pamper from the nature and a clear message about care, love and the serenity the nature has towards yes. 79 more words



It is impossibly white and unnaturally flat. Like some wayward planet from a science fiction movie. The crushing sound from under my feet imitating the sound of fresh snow packing down. 531 more words


Half Way There

Half way through our journey. Half way through the year.

The half way point is an interesting place to be – you look back just as much as you look forward. 274 more words



Swiss adventurer Andre Borschberg is achieving steady progress as he tries to complete the first solar-powered flight across the Pacific Ocean. 427 more words


How to scale a waterfall and shoot on Everest: Action cameraman Keith Partridge on working in the world's extreme environments

Keith Partridge has just come back from a work trip. It was, if anything, average by his standards. “I spent a month in Venezuela, including a first ascent of the south-west face of one of these tepuis,” he says. 982 more words