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Selfish and Selfless

Lately, I have been questioning why I choose to perform good deeds. Is it because I am expecting something in return? Or is it out of pure kindness and generosity? 700 more words


Protagonist puzzle piece. 

It’s weird. I’ve never been in love with anyone. I’ve seen love. I’ve wanted love. I’ve imagined love; countless, manic, fruitless times. It’s sort of my lifeline. 401 more words


Standards and Expectations

Our standards have changed. Our expectations have increased.

If we continue to lower those standards and not meet our current expectations, we will progress backwards. 19 more words

Deal With It

Insecurities eat at me...

Why do I resent myself so much. When did the self loathing start. I can’t do anything right. I’ve lost all sense of who I am and why I’m here. 269 more words

Expectations and Abundance

Happy July, Friends.

Just a reminder that there are no yoga classes scheduled for July.  Instead, look for times throughout your days and weeks when you can savor a practice of postures, breath work, mindfulness, and relaxation.   305 more words


When they disapprove of your decision

People have their own beliefs and opinions – but what matters most to YOU is what YOU choose to believe and think!

There might be times when someone close to you – or even most people you know – think that you have made a wrong decision. 85 more words

How To Allow

May We Set Healthy Expectations for Ourselves

Being a first year teacher is hard. Being a first year teacher in a subject you haven’t studied in-depth is hard. Being a first year teachers in a subject you hadn’t studied in-depth in a different country and education culture while sharing a classroom with another teacher…is hard. 854 more words

Peace Corps