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Unique, and yet...

By Bill

No one like us has ever existed before.  There are similarities with others, and some of those may be more important than the differences — such as our identification with and understanding of other addicts.  281 more words


That Quicksilver Shade

A gradient I see,
A variance in hue,
While trying to fantom,
The real shade of you.


I thought I meant more...

Warning: emotional post

Yesterday my boyfriend of nearly 3 years left me. Apparently we want different things, i am not even sure what that means anymore. 286 more words


Inquiries of Love

From a blog in Chinese that I subscribe to, translated…

The confessions of a man: “When you wanted your business to run well, you’d bring offerings to the God of War, when you want to be safe, offer to the Goddess of Mercy, want money, offerings to the God of Riches, and love, bring your offerings to the ancient God of Love”. 1,005 more words



I give thanks today for new beginnings. There is a miracle inside of each beginning. There is also a gift in newness.

In my expectation of a new beginning, I acknowledge I am required to accept endings. 272 more words

Daily IN-spiration

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

It amazes me how profound matters of the heart are.  No matter what the profession, or how someone’s life turns out, the one common denominator that so many people seek is having that life-long partner.  413 more words


I took the first half of the day for self care- resting, reflecting… The second half of the day was full of movement and activity- All positive, and focused on working with others, which makes it a good evening- but a long day. 211 more words