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Words Matter

What Are You Really Saying?
We’ve been having an interesting discussion in my on-line course about the labels people use to describe their horses.

Words are so interesting.  1,546 more words

Clicker Training

Thinking Magically™ | 12 Books That Will Turn You Into a Magician

Books are a uniquely portable magic.
– Stephen King (On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft)

People love to ask me what books I’m currently reading. 1,084 more words


Divegent - Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Lately I’ve been thinking about recent books I’ve read, one of the most recent being the Divergent series. Just to alert anyone who wishes to read these books but does not want spoilers: 311 more words

All My Life I've Been Running, It Has Gotten Me Nowhere

I originally submitted this to be posted on a website but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be posted there, so here goes.

Sooo I was watching this TV Series, you know the one with the superhero who got his super power by being struck by a lightning, is clothed in red-suit, and can run faster than sound? 808 more words


Parents, Don't be a Burden for your Children!

When I was in church this morning, the pastor was preaching about our relationship with God. At the end of his sermon, he said, “Don’t let God be a burden to you! 1,021 more words



In Matthew Chapter 8, a Centurion asked Jesus Christ to heal his servant. This man did not waver in his believing expectation. Learn why the outcome can be an example to us today as we take action and accept God’s promises.

March 2015 Faith.


What has Donald Duck got to do with biblical self-control?

Tomorrow I will be looking at the third character quality from the #49characterqualitieschallenge. As a precursor to it, and as an illustration of how you might approach this topic with children and teenagers, watch this clip of Donald Duck: 219 more words