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How Do You Feel Today?

On the morning of Friday 8th May 2015 the whole country seemed to be in a state of shock. Whatever your political allegiance, the exit polls and growing realisation of a historic general election result seemed hugely significant. 80 more words

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GE 2015: “A night is a long time in politics”

Tudor Rickards ‏@Tudortweet
On the first day of hustings the pollsters said to me:
There’s no party with a clear majority

One the third day of hustings Grant Shapps said to me: 834 more words

The Results are in...!

And so, the election began and closed. People voted more than usual.

The election’s exit poll was quite close to being accurate.

And then, the results came in. 199 more words


Politicians quitting, dropping one by one like flies

What an odd morning with the election results that we have seen this morning. It’s always exciting to sit and watch what is going on with the General Election results and what party is ahead. 749 more words


The morning after - Some consolation to those of us on the left

I awoke this morning to confirmation that the NOP/MORI exit poll kicked YouGov’s ass – The Conservatives rolled into power and Labour and the LibDem’s were left looking like the geeky kid who gets invited to the cool party only to find it was a wind up and he’s not getting in. 710 more words

Political Rants


Ed’s speech earlier was all but conceding we had lost. I’m heartbroken.

It’s looking like David Cameron will even form a (slight) majority. I’m sure this will mean I will have plenty of material to write about and analyse during a Tory tenure. 121 more words


A long night

It’s looking increasingly likely that the Conservatives will be leading the next government, a fact which is making this all nighter just that bit tougher. 105 more words