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What Next?

I just turned 30, completed the first year of my part time Masters, have a “good” job, am happily married and … just can’t make up my mind on what to do next. 508 more words


Antony Gormley & Existentialism


‘The task I seem to have set myself is making an account of being alive. I hope the work, in a language of stillness that is pertinent to sculpture, invites us to be aware of ourselves in space and time.’

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a simple question
can be made much more complex
if applied broadly


My Existence and yours too

Existence is very distasteful in the light of self-consciousness. The intensity of light varies, so does the suffering. When this light is focused on self, it illuminates nothing. 735 more words


Swirling Thoughts

Nobody said life is easy. Nobody said anything is going to be easy. They did say that things will just fall into place. They did say that things will just make sense. 393 more words


Into Silence We Draw

The irreversible breath
Of infinite trepidations
Crying vast centuries alone
Grasping our myths of death

We wait for transcendent
Shadows grazing corners
Of mirrors with mute cries… 6 more words


"I Know" by Christina Knowles

“I Know”

Please don’t tell me

what I already know

what I don’t believe


‘cuz I’ve considered the source

So where are these angels… 473 more words