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" Existential Menopause " By Piyush Rohankar

” ….and so many dreams have died in my bed,
It smells of my past which hasn’t slept,
And God only knows who sleeps in my place, 157 more words



“Focusing on the senselessness of it all will just keep pushing you to look inwards deeper and deeper into your personal abyss. I’ve found that trying to affect the world outside me with the gifts I have gives me purpose and temporary bursts of fulfilment,” a kind stranger told me. 9 more words



I just watched “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Director Wes Anderson has a unique ability to leave one emotionally exhausted and contemplative by recourse to sheer force of absurd will. 44 more words


Song for the Boring Scholar

Oh boring scholar

You’ve come so far

What are you searching

Far away from home

Is it fame

To build your name

In the boring circle… 196 more words


It Only Takes a Minute.

Sometimes it only takes you a minute – a sudden minute of realisation – for everything to fall into place.

For me it took a brief, but somewhat eye opening conversation with an old comrade to put me in my place. 626 more words

First Person

Archival Information: He was a teenager when he impaled himself on a cross trying to emulate Jesus. He didn’t die, but there was a fair amount of blood. 478 more words

Speculative Fiction