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How Much Longer?...

Yuck I just want this to be over already. I’m so sick of it.

It’s mostly sad, life. The hardships definetely outweigh the occasional perks.


Earl Grey

His heart was the world,

his feet were made of memories.

The diviner was he who,

so loving the world,

gave himself to all he encountered… 10 more words


Our Alienation in the Modern World Today - are Rollo May's view still relevant?

I have some questions regarding modern society for those who are up for a bit of philosophical reflection. I have been reading the book ‘Man’s Search for Himself,’ which was written by existential psychologist Rollo May in 1953. 868 more words


Heidegger's Being and Time (Part III: Dualism)

I’ve been threatening to explain Heidegger’s views on why dualism is predicated on a mistake, and I’ve finally done it. Well, I let someone else do it while I held the camera. 1,205 more words


Everyone, And No One, Is Alone

Last week I went with friends to see the movie “Into The Woods” at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. Afterwards, as we walked from our cars into a restaurant for dinner, one friend began making up her own silly lyrics to “No One Is Alone” a song from the musical. 1,346 more words