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No Excuse

No crises justify the killing of a dream. You dreamt of it, then you must bring it to reality. Every excuse we make becomes invalid when we see a less privilege person living the same dream. Live! Learn!!, laugh!!! and Love!!!!


Day 85 So there they laid Jesus,

A tree stands tall, dead, covered in ivy. At it’s side there is a stump of another tree. It is often an overlooked area and people pass it by on a daily basis. 335 more words


Preserving the Past

From our deck, I sometimes gaze up at the great trees that surround us. Towering white pines and red oaks. A giant sugar maple. What scenes have they… 554 more words

Country Inspiration

Day 84 if our gospel is veiled

The picture shows many shells lying on sand. Shells discarded by the creatures that once inhabited them.

Today was busy but I tried to get as much crammed into the day. 495 more words


Some lessons about growing from our buds

Many of my friends insist that autumn is the best season of the year.  I must disagree!  For me, spring will always be when I find my inspiration.  426 more words