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Types of Causal Arguments

In the post for Assignment A09: Causal Argument, I’ve provided several of you specific recommendations you might find helpful in crafting Causal Arguments for your research topics. 1,272 more words

David Hodges

Exercise: Buddy-Buddy Press-up

If you’re getting bored with doing press-ups by yourself and want a bit of a closer group bond, then try the Buddy-Buddy press-up with your friends.

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Economy of Expression

We discussed the main points of both of our movies and quickly decided that our paranormal movie and icon should be based on the story of Frankenstein because of the relation to body modification surgeries in American Mary and the element of physical glamour and fantasy in Velvet Goldmine.  55 more words

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March 31, 2015 - Exercise 1 - Noun Project

1. Serenity

2. 12 Angry Men

3. The Avengers

SERENITY PANEL – Institution – Syafiqa Fickle, 2015 | Rocket – Cris Dobbins, Los Angeles, California, US 2012 | … 73 more words

practice failing

Everyone knows that the way to innovate, grow and become smarter is to fail.

Fail more, fail better, fail smarter, fail wisely… 903 more words


A Sure Killer

Once again, not posting much but what I am posting is a goodie! As you know, I’ve been focusing heavily on my abs as of late, and am constantly searching for more moves to add into my routine to challenge my body and work different areas of my core. 40 more words