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Waist Trimmers

I will be missing a chunknof the gym for the caravan this week and I have already not been great at the moment taking backward steps so this will be good to save to do while I am up there.



Acute/ sudden low back pain

Most of the people suffer from back pain atleast once in their lifetime. Back pain can be acute or sudden, subacute, or chronic which lasts for years. 476 more words

Degenerative arthritis

Thus, the disease that articular cartilage is worn or damaged by the aging and causes pain and inflammation is referred to as degenerative arthritis. As we get old, moisture contents and regenerative ability of joint cartilage are reduced. 269 more words


Burn Calories with This Water Workout!

Temperatures are warm in Seattle, so that means hitting the pool for your workouts (and no, it’s not just for seniors)!¬† Even if you aren’t¬†swimmer, there are plenty of exercises you can do to get your heart rate up. 245 more words

Fitness Workouts & Exercises

great exercises to start Monday strong!


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bicep/tricep combo
-deadlifts (get these in at least twice a week!) my fav exercise for glutes and hamstrings :) … 126 more words


Ways to stay motivated with your fitness

Hi ladies!

We all know how crazy our schedules can be, trying to fit in everything we want to do or have to do, and it’s very easy to fall off track, or get sidetracked on our fitness routines. 213 more words

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