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Ordered Cartesian Coordinates

Today’s exercise is a simple little interview question:

Generate the pairs of cartesian coordinates within a square bounded by (1,1) and (n,n…

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Donkey Kicks

We used resistance bands when doing these. You can either use one or not depending on what you are comfortable with.

I got this example from workoutlabs.com click the photo for the link!


Why exercises are important?

Like the mind, the body has also to move and deserves the proper careness.

Exercise boosts our energies, gives us a chance to take out all the negative emotions, makes us mindful of our body. 100 more words


Punch that Title

Titles that start the argument

Imagine if the show had been called The Thing Most People Don’t Know About Buffy. She seems to be a normal, awkward high school girl, but after classes she’s up most of the night slaying vampires. 466 more words

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Mobility Minute #2: Reach, Roll, & Lift

Last week we discussed how to test flexibility of the latissimus dorsi (lat) muscle to improve overhead mobility. This week we will look at the Reach, Roll, & Lift (RR&L) which is a great exercise for assessing the overhead stability of athletes. 159 more words


Help that Hurts

Kindness Kills

Tonight, I’m asking you to do the hard thing: criticize a fellow writer who has made an effort to persuade us of a truth. 1,104 more words

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Exercise - Museum Posters

Museum Posters

I have been asked to produce 3 illustrations to be used aa part of a series of A3 posters to publicise the museum to the following audiences: 125 more words