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Exercise 1.3: Establishing conventions

Using internet search engines and any other resources, we are to find at least 12 examples of eighteenth and nineteenth-century landscape paintings. List all of the commonalities we can find across the examples. 475 more words


PB&J Task Analysis

A task analysis is when you write out all of the main steps of doing something (in this case making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) as the larger top categories. 137 more words


Secret to Weight Loss? Your Friends


Hollywood celebs, with their little waists, toned arms, and distinct abs, have long been a supply of motivation for the remainder folks to shed pounds and obtain in form. 502 more words


Sketchdump #274 – color/master studies

Not much time for studies at the moment, but still trying to do some as a warmup, or as a break from work. Here are some very quick color and composition/value studies from some awesome artists. Nathan Fowkes is a god.


'Forgiving' myself with nvc - using the please and thank-you exercise

Many many years ago I was a teenager. (it’s true!) It was a confusing time. I had a very dear friend and I loved and adored him. 473 more words

Compassionate Communication

Blend Active

I have been trying my hardest to reduce my weight to make derby training a lot easier and it would help with my balance too. I have tried so much to lose weight without doing a fad diet. 214 more words