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My 3 Rules In getting lean!

The picture above shows my transformation in the first 7 months PURELY only doing bodyweight exercises.
No gym, no weight training whatsoever.

Top left Day 0 Day 14 Day 30… 686 more words

Body Transformation

ABSolutely ready to smash a core workout!?

I’m pretty sure I’m in the minority but I have never been a fan of ab exercises. For a lot of people they love to focus on their abs, in the hope of that washboard stomach and super defined torso. 785 more words


Day one

Im one of those people who get so irritated when people complain about the way they look and their situation or whatever there going through, without doing something about it!!! 217 more words


Push ups - part 1

When I set out to do a year’s worth of weekly mini lifestyle challenges, there were a few things that I wanted to do but that didn’t fit the format. 779 more words


Dr Abby Waterman's Method

I’m bored, now I’m waiting to hear whether any agent wants to take on Woman in a White Coat, and I can’t settle down to writing my crime novel. 123 more words

Lifes Good...in my eyes anyway...

Thursday…..another day…another good day…yeah….under total calorie quota…heard from kids in Europe they are having a good time…they are on to Germany tomorrow…went to eye doc and all good there…went to dentist…all good there…seems the universe is doing okay in my corner of the world…my husband is fighting allergies and cranky, but I can live with that…my best friend is here from New York, so looking forward to girl talk…margaritas…will set me back 200 calories but she is well worth it…LOL   doing well, need to incorporate more exercise, but I am having a mental block on that, what else is new…I am trying not to make excuses and just own up to not wanting to do it….easier than trying to make excuses all the time in my head..no shame in that…honesty…

well until tomorrow….