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Today’s post has nothing to do about fitness, but everything to do about a country that has been very near and dear to my heart. For years, my love and obsession with Nepal and Everest has been growing. 151 more words


Lord things are gonna start getting busy

It makes me laugh to title this post this way.  Why?  Cuz I have to tell you, for the last month and a half at work I have been busier than, as my dad would say, a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest! 957 more words


Does Our Technology Make Us Superior to Earlier Generations?

During the twentieth century, the popular American worldview of “modernism” and related philosophies saw the world as inferior to our current progress, and that we ourselves are better than our counterparts from the 19th century, who were better than those in the 18th century, and so on.   194 more words


Tabata Tuesday!

We did this last month in class, it was killer!!! Try it yourself if you dare! Watch the video a few times for form :) 97 more words


Day 14 - The Double Post!

Two posts today you lucky things! (Apologies for any errors, I’m writing and uploading in a hurry from my mobile!) So today I am officially two weeks in! 1,283 more words


Interesting Scientific Data on Strength Training vs. Endurance Training

For years, the argument for and against endurance training for weight loss continues. Today, American Physiological Society published data proving that endurance AND/OR strength training are great for weight loss.   728 more words

Bad Diets

Summer body

Summer bodies are made in spring (or so the sign outside the Heartcore/Blue Cow Yoga studio tells me).

With that in mind, I have been making the most (relatively) of my amazing new… 1,380 more words

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