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Post Workout Window

Don’t waste your workout. I repeat don’t waste your workout.
Back to the future in a moment. I love to read anything that is health, fitness and nutrition related. 308 more words


Week forty-nine: Thirty-nine and strengthening!

So far, this blog project has primarily focused on the spiritual/mental/emotional aspect of growth and overcoming fear.  I believe in whole-person health and that in order to truly be healthy, all parts of the person must be addressed.   1,238 more words


Car wash work out!?

Blooming ‘ell, never know cleaning a car alone would have been so much work, constant arm movement, core holding and squatting! Unfortunately I live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by muddy lanes- it was plastered on! 10 more words


Bring on the season! - 4 tips to a building a strength program

My ultimate love – track & field, as started.  The season is so far going slow though…two days of practice, two days of inclement weather.  Makes for a slow start.  414 more words


3 Signs Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Know What They’re Doing

When choosing a personal trainer, it is important to review their qualifications carefully. The fitness industry is under-regulated, and fitness instructor programs are completely unregulated. To earn a certification as a personal trainer, you need little more than a high school diploma, and no foreknowledge of physiology or background in biology. 491 more words

Girrls with Muscles

I’ve lost 90 pounds in 9 months. My goal was to lose 100 pounds in 1 year. I’m so close to the finish line, but I’m not sure getting there will be healthy for me. 491 more words


Control Freak

Hi everyone!!!

Thankfully my family is starting to come around in terms of sickness. We are on the tail end of it, and we are ALL starting to feel better! 1,312 more words