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I've joined the club.

I had some tummy issues on the weekend and probably should have skipped the long run but I’m a glutton for punishment and went anyway. 82 more words


On and Off Working Out

Let’s be honest, some people are just lucky.
For some, losing weight is a cinch, or they hardly gain a pound due to a crazy-fast metabolism. 768 more words


Preserve Your Hippocampus With Exercise

The NYT’s Well blog has the details. The brain’s hippocampus is a critical center for memory. Alzheimers disease is associated with a gene called apo-E4. 78 more words

Mediterranean Diet

Bragging rights!

You went to the gym today or you walked the dog around the block….that’s exercise right!  Yes it is!  I am happy your moving.  Moving and not being a couch potato is great!   440 more words

Because I Can

Top 5 tips to start your journey to a lifting God/Goddess

The idea of weight lifting always conjures up images of those beefed up jacked dudes that can’t turn their heads because their necks are so muscular, or those guys that will lift some weights, walk up to the mirror and lift up their shirts to admire their six pack before getting on with the next set. 593 more words


Prepare for Everything: Make Your Body Strong

Imagine all hell broke loose… will you survive? Your body is the most important asset that makes everything else possible. Put yourself in advantageous position- make your body strong. 321 more words


It's back...

Guess what? It’s back! I am super excited to announce that I will be offering another bootcamp class! And, the class starts soon – Tuesday, July 21. 458 more words