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15 minutes on the PLP challenge

This morning I’ve started my third attempt at the 60 day PLP challenge. Originally thought up and written about by Chad Waterbury on T Nation… 961 more words


Infographic: Improve Gait and Rear Ends with Hip Abduction

Hip abduction is an important exercise for training the muscles of your posterior. This is not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for walking gait. Hip abduction can help improve the shape of your hips and it can also aid people who struggle to walk with proper technique. 17 more words


Treadmill Ticks

If you are one of the many people who take care of your cardio needs on a treadmill at the gym or at home, I thought today I’d share a few tips that will not only shorten the time spent walking in place, but make your fat burn and muscle toning so much more effective! 290 more words

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Instead of stretching... Mobilize!

We are always told to stretch. Stretch if a muscle is sore or stiff. Stretch before or after a workout. Stretch in the morning or evening.  322 more words


Day One 3/30/15

Today for breakfast I had

  • Maple and brown sugar oatmeal
  • A hard boiled egg
  • An apple
  • glass of water

For lunch I had


Another baby step of progress!

We filled the two planters on the east side of our house with Mel’s Mix today and my husband made some dividers for the long skinny planter. 142 more words

Quality Of Life

The @LondonMarathon is less than 4 weeks away!

I’m aching. A run last night was a disaster. And my legs don’t feel much more obliging today. So I am resting. I don’t want to risk damaging myself, and I guess my body is still recovering from the 18 miles on Friday. 259 more words