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Going to my friend's birthday party

It was awesome we didn’t have school yesterday. What was even better I had a birthday party to attend. This will make me not bored on a no-school day. 354 more words

That Three Days of Photo Shoot

Good morning to all my lovely readers! It’s been awhile (this is not a new sentence in this blog)

We had a long day yesterday as we ran a few errands which included collecting of our post wedding photo shoot albums by Esa Wedding Gallery. 682 more words


Welcome to my world!

Hey! Thanks for joining me.

I want to share my life with you, well parts of it anyway!, in hopes that you can take something from it and have it help you in some way. 18 more words


March 27, 2015

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone is having an amazing March so far! Mine started off great but then it got kind of crappy. I sprained my ankle then re-injured it cleaning my bathroom. 376 more words


An Incredible Book

I am not much for imaginary works, but I found a book that really piqued my interests. This novel was “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown. 402 more words

Spring is in the air

by Victoria Nguyen

Breathe in that crisp, light air provided by the beautiful state of Texas. Spring is officially upon us now, Bobcats, and I can already see the atmosphere around Texas State coming to life. 599 more words

The ShipIt JournalĀ 

On Tuesday night, I picked up the ShipIt Journal for the first time since Ruckusmakers.

It wasn’t easy; it had been haunting me from my office desk since the day I got back. 161 more words