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It Won't Matter

Damon slipped his arms through the shirt and started to button it up. When he finished, he glanced in the mirror, turning to the side. He could see Lauren in the reflection, making his bed. 522 more words


The Pattern in Constellations

You traced the pattern of freckles on my chest with a steady finger and pressed your mouth to my neck; whispered softly something about constellations and I pulled you close so I could feel your skin on mine.

Spilled Ink

(Exslurpt Saturday) "The Minutes" from The Brocken Spectres

There are still five minutes. Five minutes to watch the chrysalis. The monarch. In its cocoon.

Still five minutes. Still five minutes to watch the space shuttle Columbia. 234 more words


From "The Font of Turtles" by Ulster Toffton

The Fountain of Turtles.

The Incas of Vilcabamba had believed that the Fountain of Turtles would give those who bathed in its waters the strength of carapace and plastron that was needed to protect their warriors from the guns of the Spanish conquistadors. 498 more words


The Wheel. A card of power

‘Fourth card, reversed: The Wheel. A card of power.’

Now, here was another card of the Old Suit. Elgen laid it horizontally, signifying that the card was to be interpreted in its reversed aspect. 569 more words



It is the last day of this tour today and Bayou Book Junkie review Freeing His Mercenary. They say the book is “interesting” and the cliffhanger is “evil” :-) There is a final chance to enter the tour giveaway and an excerpt from the novella. 6 more words

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He was dangerously close. Far closer than she wanted to feel comfortable with, but here he was–within inches of touching her and she longed for him to do so. 21 more words

The Seventh Aeon