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May 23rd 2015

Today my calculator has abandoned me. And by that I mean that my ability to use a calculator has disappeared.

There a lot of very hard parts of my degree, and a lot of very very hard parts. 329 more words


From potato to chilli

No. This is not going to be some weird cooking blog.

I’ve started this thing because I want to change. I’ve realised that I need to change. 484 more words


The Diary: Revison, ships and Eurovision

Yep has been filled with revision! Lucky me!! Thankfully only one exam this week which was C1 (Maths) Some people found it really hard but I thought it wasn’t that bad. 180 more words

Northern Ireland

Believe You Can And You Will.

I was one of the fortunate few who did not have endure I.C.T as a GCSE when I was at school, but when the time came to find employment I soon realised that many of the jobs I was applying for were interested in that piece of paper stating I could use a computer. 823 more words


You don't fatten the pig by weighing it

 Its exam season. Your pencils are sharpened. Your timetable is up. You long for the day to throw away the textbooks for the subjects you detest. 467 more words

Exam Fever


So now it’s half term, most of my AS exams are over. I’m quite pleased to say most of them seem to have gone well! 432 more words

The Korean War and Weather

Hey guys! I was just studying for my US History exam and of course the Korean War part just came up.

Fun fact: I’ve written a paper on the Korean War that got an award for “Best Family History” at the NHD State competition in 2013.

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