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Exams are looming. God help us.

I’m an A-level student. In roughly 2 months time the exams that completely determine my future will begin. 11 stressful exams. And yet all I want to do is curl up in bed with tea and chocolate and watch House of Cards… 340 more words

Exams and Diabetes

It’s Friday again which means I’m back!

Today we’re going to be talking about school exams and diabetes. To start with, exams can be very stressful. 281 more words

The results are in ...

… and, it’s quite clear that I did not have enough time for, and/or spend enough doing my assessment.   Though I must say, given I did my oral assessment in my pyjamas and slippers, without having showered, or cleaned my teeth, I did pretty well.   117 more words


Enough to put a Spring in your Step…

Spring is most certainly on the way. Shoots are pushing their way through the chilled earth and the birds are once again beginning to make themselves heard in the early mornings. 730 more words


Week one in the "I'm already so sick of exams" house

I am currently sat in a café sipping on a gingerbread hot chocolate very proud of myself that I have survived the first week of mock exams without committing mass homicide. 98 more words

Motivational thoughts in build up to exams

I hate to say it but we are moving closer to exam time, the most important part of the year for all distance learning students. No matter how big or small sacrifices have felt over the past year, the sacrifices have been made and they deserve a reward at the end. 767 more words

Distance Learning

Things to do after the boards.

  • Spend all morning in the veranda watching the sun rise until I get burnt at around 11.
  • Eat ice cream and pineapple and strawberries and raspberries straight out of the freezer until I’ve caught a cold.
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