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Photo Archive: Desks, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, 2014.

I don’t know if every university in the land has desks like these with numbers on, because I haven’t visited that many universities, truth be told, but seeing these reminded me of my days at the University of Hull. 113 more words

Photo Archive.

Midterm 2 Review (to be updated)

Key points:
-Concavity at local extremities
-Optimization; optimization using Lagrange multipliers
-Multiple integrals/switching orders of integration
-Changing integrals from one coordinate system to another: polar coordinates (for double integrals), spherical and cylindrical coordinates (for triple integrals), Jacobian. 1,314 more words


Week 38: This is becoming a bad habit...

I’m so sorry blog readers – this is another way short post! This most recent week was one of the worst on record..

Between being incredibly sick, coming back from a much needed spring break, having two exams, a quiz, and a gnarly hangover on Friday, I’m really beat. 117 more words

Pa School

Is it Really too Late to Get Started?

Two weeks before your exam session starts, there’s usually horrific moment when, between binge-watching Netflix and thinking about doing some reading for the following week, you realize if you want to avoid panic-mode during the last week of the semester, you have to start doing serious studying. 812 more words


Exams Stress, Ano Hana and Other Random Stuff

I’ve been really out of it as of late.  I was finally forced to admit this to myself when two nights ago I realized that despite it already being the last week of March, my laptop’s desktop background was still set to the January and February calendar image from the GazettE’s 2015 calendar. 548 more words

#5. Weekly Pinspiration

I found these two pins on Pinterest which I liked. And one of the quotes is from this great film, “Pursuit of Happiness”. It’s a really moving story and Will Smith’s in it, so if you haven’t watched it yet. 73 more words


Verbal Explosions and Heartbreaks

Okay, so it’s been literally forever since I wrote on here last…. so much has happened. However, the real reason I decided to post today is that I am utterly heartbroken. 344 more words