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Give to Live - Live to Give

13 Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.–Romans 12:13 NIV

​God has appointed each of us to be stewards of certain resources.   226 more words



Anesis (an’-e-sis): Adding a concluding sentence that diminishes the effect of what has been said previously. The opposite of epitasis.

Fourth of July Oration: 2015… 416 more words

Figures Of Speech

Linear Algebra (Hoffman), Exercise 2, Pg 15

Find a row-reduced echelon matrix which is row-equivalent to

What are the solutions of ?

First I’m going to find the RRE matrix.

Theorem 4 (XIV) … 35 more words

Linear Algebra

My Hero

When we’re young, we are often fascinated by comic book heroes. They have magical, impressive powers, and we love the way they always save the day. 529 more words


How to delete duplicate values form table in oracle.

How to delete duplicate values form table in oracle.

— syntax :

DELETE FROM  table_name
FROM table_name
GROUP BY del_column_name); … 34 more words


Apostle Paul and Leadership: Show others how to do it.

Webster’s dictionary defines a leader as “A person who has commanding authority or influence.” [1] Based on this definition it would seem like we would have to have people who report directly to us.  1,108 more words


Ladies and their claws.

I love doing my nails as may other woman. I love plain, long, pointy, sharp….. Doesn’t really matter. Thought i would share some of my faves. 124 more words