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Train those inspiratory muscles

It really is time for PT’s working with patients with COPD to consider their toolbox. If your toolbox does not include training the inspiratory muscles, please reconsider. 840 more words


Faith In Action 'A Team Player'

When we read our Bible, we might over look this name, but Thaddaeus was one of Jesus’ twelve disciple.

Mark 3 verse 16 to 19: Lists the disciples. 314 more words



…..  isn’t about power for the sake of power – not true leadership. Instead it deals with modeling behavior you want others to have, and with responsibility for being certain the people you lead are treated equitably, and with respect. 40 more words


Web sockets with Spring 4.1.6, Spring Security 4.0.0.RC2

Web sockets with custom message security is not a topic that appears widely online, let alone example on how to make it happen, therefore I decided to present on web sockets and in particular allowing custom security on the socket level. 1,198 more words


How to Cite a Blog Post or Comment (Chicago Style)

How do you cite a blog post either in an academic paper or in another blog? I know this is a burning question. Using Chicago (historian) Style, your in text citation will be a footnote. 129 more words

Example of a British Historian’s Blog: The Little Professor

Historians are beginning to use personal blogs to share ideas and even serious scholarship. One of the best example is The Little Professor blog. This is run by the Victorian historian Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, who specializes in 19th-cen. 84 more words